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Truancy Volume 168: Isabella

For our second Truancy Volume of the year and our 168th overall, we’re able to welcome a rising talent based in Boston by the name of Isabella. Having made her big break last year with a killer split on Börft alongside the equally as talented and on the rise Bergsonist, her music has crept up […]

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Truancy Volume 167: Tasker

Our first Truancy Volume of the year comes from a DJ and label owner, whose name has conjured up a strong connection to London’s music scene over the years. A previous host and programmer at Boiler Room alongside close friends Bradley Zero and Charles Drakeford, as well as being a close affiliate to Young Turks, […]

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Truancy Volume 162: Space Afrika

Comprised of Josh Inyang and Josh Reidy, Space Afrika first cropped up a few years back on Where To Now? (the label responsible for our 113th Truancy Volume) with their tape release Above The Concrete/Below The Concrete. It was The Manchester duo’s Primrose Avenue EP from late last year on the same label that especially caught our attention; […]

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Chronicles: D.R.A.M.

Artists such as D.R.A.M., Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, iLoveMakonnen and Chance the Rapper hold a charismatic aura that’s present regardless of whether they use it for inspiration or introspection. That character is tied to an emotional vulnerability that they all willingly share with the world through their music – perhaps more visibly on their […]

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Interview: CKtrl

As a long-running show host on NTS Radio, CKtrl has gained respect both as a DJ and producer over the years ever since first appearing on Boiler Room at the age of 19. Fast-forward four years, the South London producer continues to shed light on his talent as a music artist, releasing projects which showcase […]

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