Truancy Sessions S01 E01: suade

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New year, new sounds! Introducing Truancy Sessions, our latest mix series dedicated to elevating the underground music scene. With eight episodes per season, we’ll be looking to amplify the voices of emerging DJs and longtime Truants friends, all while collaborating with talented designers and artists. Our mission is to cultivate connections and celebrate people with an ear for music from every corner of the globe, be it people we’ve seen on our travels to friends we’ve made at festivals and clubs. For our first season, we’ll be collaborating with the exceptional designer Kushagra for all things artwork, and for our debut episode we have a seamless blend of mesmerizing grooves from San Francisco-based suade for a transportive musical experience. Here’s a glimpse into what suade has in store:

“This mix is a cruise through some records I know I’ll love forever – rolling, percussive, driving, and euphoric sounds. Put it on for a nice drive, a long run, getting ready for a party, or maybe just to hype up your work day. I spend a lot of time in the shapeshifting, hyperactive world of bass-driven music and I have an equal love for timeless grooves, long blends, and dreamy sounds. Sometimes these feel like mutually exclusive worlds as a DJ. The latter is what I’m reaching for these days, in a slow and reflective period of my life, and what I bring to the mix. It consists mainly of records from the mid 90s to early 2000s with some newer releases sprinkled in there. I decided to avoid maximalism and opt for a steady ride through a few key ideas. I’ve been wanting to record something like this for a while, so I’m super grateful and happy to be sharing it here. I hope this hour and twenty four minutes locks you in and is something you can come back to. Enjoy”

Photo 1: suade. Photo 2: Opening for Parris & Ploy at Public Works. Photo 3: Club Moniker crew photo (almost all of us) after bringing Anunaku last August

Photo 4: A big crew = comically big b2bs. Photo 5: KBBQ master of HydeFM. Photo 6: Lovely friends at NY summer camp :-)

Photo 7: Hong Kong street markets – a junk rat’s paradise. Photo 8: With the love of my life in Taipei

Photo 9: Touching grass on the California coast can’t be beat, tbh. Photo 10: Aren’t we?

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