Truants stands with Palestine

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free

October 2023

We stand in unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian people and their enduring struggle against settler-colonialism, apartheid, and genocide. Palestinians have the right to shape their political, economic, social, and cultural futures in Palestine free from occupation, and we denounce the colonial violence they face in the ongoing Nakba.

Palestinian acts of resistance, including the courageous tearing down of the illegitimate border fence around Gaza, directly stem from the sustained, violent occupation of Palestine by the Israeli state. We acknowledge the displacement of Palestinians from their land as a result of British imperialism, and their continued displacement, oppression and murder under the Israeli siege since 1948.

We recognize the Israeli regime’s recent escalation of attacks on Gaza, the West Bank and surrounding territories including Lebanon. Atrocities committed by the Israeli Occupying Forces – including bombing residential neighborhoods, hospitals and sanctuaries, deploying white phosphorous and blocking access to essential resources – reflect the continued subjugation of Palestinian people in Gaza, where Israel’s enforced 17-year blockade has rendered it an open-air prison.

We witness the widespread attempts of governments and institutions to stifle expressions of solidarity with Palestinian liberation, and the strategic use of rhetoric by mainstream media to obscure Palestinian experiences and rights to self-determination. It is crucial that we call out this moment for what it is: an acceleration of the Israeli state’s continued ethnic cleansing and genocide of Palestinians.

We firmly believe that resistance against colonial violence is justified, necessary and ultimately instigated by the oppressor. The resolute determination of the Palestinian people serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing struggle against oppression.

Truants affirms its support for the Palestinian people’s fight for self-determination. We acknowledge the urgency of addressing the persistent settler-colonial displacement, oppression, human rights abuses and countless killings endured by Palestinians.

We consider it our moral responsibility to raise awareness, express solidarity and maintain our support for the cause of Palestinian liberation. It is also our civic duty, given the US and UK’s provisions to the Israeli state.

We echo the Palestinian call for an end to the occupation, an immediate ceasefire and an end to international support for Israel’s siege on Palestine.

We encourage you to keep speaking out for the safety and liberation of Palestinians, to write to your representatives and to take direct action such as attending protests and rallies.

We encourage you to join us in donating to causes such as emergency appeals by Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, Medical Aid for Palestinians, Doctors Without Borders and Palestine Red Crescent Society, or legal defence funds for activists disrupting the supply of arms to Israel, such as Palestine Action.

Links to relevant causes, resources and readings are included on this page.

Feature image: A million flags for Palestine, unknown, c. 1948 (more info).