Truancy Sessions S01 E02: Klankers

Klankers | Soundcloud | Instagram

The reception for our new Truancy Sessions series last week was overwhelmingly positive, setting the stage for an exciting follow-up this week. Continuing this momentum, we are thrilled to feature Mickael Michaelides, better known as Klankers, a DJ born and raised in Cape Town but currently based in the Netherlands. You’ve likely stumbled upon one of his Instagram shares via the explore tab, uncovering a channel where he curates a treasure trove of obscure club music and digs of the highest caliber. His mixes are deeply rooted in the euphoria and progressive elements of the 90s, offering a captivating odyssey of golden-era tech house, progressive rollers, and grooved-out deep house. A steadfast provider of top-tier music it only felt natural to bring him on as our second guest. Kushagra returns on artwork duties!

What can you tell us about the mix you recorded?

“Thanks for having me on board! I decided to focus this mix mainly on records that I’ve always wanted to play out but haven’t quite had the chance to do so yet. Some tracks go deep, and others have a good feel to it!”

Photo 1: Klankers. Photo 2: Watering down my dog, Pablo. This was taken when I went back to visit my family in Cape Town Photo 3: Cape Town, the city where I grew up.

Photo 4: My good friend, Keke, playing at one of my favorite spots to dance in The Netherlands. Laak in Den Haag. Photo 5: One Park Listening Bar in Cape Town, one of my favorite local spots to play records at and hang out. 

Photo 6: Taken from Higher Ground Experience in Den Haag, always a highlight of my summer in The Netherlands. Photo 5: From a show I did at ITMOTR Radio, Enschede (NL). Run by some dear friends who are keeping the local scene on it’s toes.    

You can download Truancy Sessions S01 E02: Klankers in 320 kbps and view the full tracklist on Patreon here. Some tracks are set as clues and will need a bit of Discogs searching to be discovered however. Your support helps cover all our costs and allows Truants to continue running as a non-profit and ad-free platform. Members will receive exclusive access to mixes, tracklists, and discounts off future merchandise. If money is tight however and you’re desperately after any ID, please leave us a comment over on the Soundcloud link and either us or Klankers will get back to you :)


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