Year Full Of Truants: 2016

We’re incredibly excited to return from our winter breaks and kick off 2017 in fresh new kits, with plenty of on and off the pitch antics to get up to. Before that, a host of certified Truants gather together to share on the year just gone. Have a read and get to know the faces behind the pages, and dip into some squad selections while you’re at it. Look out for coverage of all your future favourite releases, insightful artist interviews and quite frankly ridiculous Truancy Volume mixes in the coming weeks. Our next crew mix is en route, and please feel free to donate to Truants if you like what we do! <3



Personal theme song: Princess Nokia – “Tomboy (Kid Cala Remix)”

Truancy Highlight 2017: Truancy Volume 156: SVANI

How has your year been? What do you look forward to in 2017? “2016 has felt like a stagnant one, despite the many changes this year has seen. It’s been a weird one musically, a lot of anxieties I’ve been dealing with this year have revolved around participation in music so I’ve actively stepped away from going out, writing and even listening to music. The winter months have proved to me how integral this is to my life though, so I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things in 2017.”

What is your favourite music-related memory of this year? “There are a few actually. Riding in a car with DJ Haram listening to her personal playlist of bangers. Walking through the club – stressing about how Come Thru’s going – only to hear Florentino drop a tune he created specially for the Birthday event; that was a really cool, emotional moment.”

Which vine best represents your 2016? Not a vine but a gif.”



Personal theme song: Omar-S – “Heard Chew Single ft. John FM”

Truancy Highlight 2017: Premiere: Samrai & Platt – “Tease Me ft. Kemikal”

How has your year been? What do you look forward to in 2017? “On a personal level, last year was full of progression and change and this year was a continuation on theme. Perhaps not to the same drastic extent but it’s been positive nonetheless. But it feels insignificant in comparison to how negatively global affairs have panned out. Syria, Trump, Orlando, Brexit, Oakland and countless other stomach-churning moments had me waking up with dread more times than I would like. Realistically it doesn’t put us in a good position for 2017 but at this stage it feels like the only way is up. I look forward to the possibility of the storm settling and being able to continue the positivity in my own life.”

Where was your favourite place to hear music in 2016? “Room 2 in Hotel Forum for Unsound was magical, highlights being Soichi Terada’s joyous live show, the boundless energy of DJ Earl’s set and witnessing a room full of people in Poland losing it to familiar Swing Ting anthems for Equiknoxx. Honourable mentions to nights Love Muscle and Come Thru in Leeds, Homoelectric in Manchester, Chapter 10 in London and Panorama Bar for further highlighting to me the necessity for queerness in clubbing and being an inspiration to what I do for my own night.”

What is your favourite music-related memory of this year? “Spending winter at the beginning of the year immersing myself in the Vladislav Delay discography.”



Personal theme song: Laid Back – “Fly Away / Walking on Sunshine”

Truancy Highlight 2017: Truancy Volume 162: Space Afrika

How has your year been? What do you look forward to in 2017?
“There is a bit of tension between finding 2016 a great year on a personal level in which I’ve achieved good things, made great friends and heard even better music, yet also lamenting the shift in the political and social landscapes around me. In 2017, I look forward to graduating from my MA in Journalism and hopefully putting it to some sort of use!”

Where was your favourite place to hear music in 2016?From best to worst: Berghain; The Moat stage at Dimensions; Walking home on a cold night with my headphones on full blast; The KMAH Radio studio; Chunk, Wire, Studio 24 and 212 Cafe in Leeds; Anything that doesn’t immediately spring to mind; Anywhere I heard Christmas music.” 

What is your favourite music-related memory of this year?A few that stick out: Call Super and Objekt displaying telepathic b2b chemistry for the best part of about four hours in Wire; DJ Qu dropping Kenlou’s “What A Sensation (Sensational Beats Mix)” on my first night of Dimensions; “Pick Up The Phone”; Mood II Swing playing Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out of my Head” with about 10 minutes remaining of Dimensions; Hearing Frank Ocean’s chipmunked voice come in on the first verse of “Nikes” and knowing I’d be in for a treat finally listening to his album; A whole club singing along to Reckonwrong’s “Passions of Pez” at The Yard in Hackney; Finally buying the wax of “Locked Up” by Akon.”

Which vine best represents your 2016?I’d be shocked if I’m the only one to pick this.”



Personal theme song: Lexxi – “Red Eyez”

Truancy Highlight 2017: Truancy Volume 150: Laurel Halo

How has your year been? What do you look forward to in 2017? “So many ups and downs and full-on curveballs, I was fully not prepared for 2016. I’d like to say I’ve done a lot of growing and the aches are just growing pains, but I can’t know for sure. I was told there’s honour to be found in survival, and a year ago I quoted Margiela’s plans: “Continuity.” I’m here now, and still I’m ready to subsist, resist and exist.”

Where was your favourite place to hear music in 2016? “I heard music in such a wide range of spaces this year! From M.E.S.H. in a former Polish tobacco factory to Downtown Boys, Guttersnipe and Commiserations in Victorian-pie-factory-turned-local-DIY-cooperative space Wharf Chambers, from art spaces, churches and basement clubs to the grandeur of artists such as Laraaji, Cory Henry and Colin Stetson in the ever-elegant Howard Assembly Room and London’s finest inside Gaika’s studio, from Juliet Fraser’s Morton Feldman interpretations in a textiles mill to DJ Haram playing a party we threw in an independent rehearsal space… There’s just so much to choose from. If I had to pick one, it’d be Unsound Kraków’s use of Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology’s basement, where Sote revealed Eldritch truths of techno and the “other sound” in all of its supremacy.

What is your favourite music-related memory of this year? “1. Occasionally I run an advanced Twitter search to re-explore the moments the world collectively listened to the Yeezus leak. I loved seeing it happen again with SremmLife 2, where a small amount of time passed and then: “Black Beatles.” “Black Beatles.” “Black Beatles.” By the time I arrived, the party was in full swing. 2. I still shiver at the memory of sitting in the cinema to see the premiere of The Life of Pablo. I remember how thrown off I was by the awkward percussion in the intro, and the first harmonies of the gospel choir. For just a few seconds, the world stopped as Chance’s voice embraced our souls.

Which vine best represents your 2016? “ / /”



Personal theme song: Untitled Gear – “Just Better”

Truancy Highlight 2017: Truancy Volume 162: Space Afrika

How has your year been? What do you look forward to in 2017? “Weird-ass year, but for the most part positive. Cemented myself in Amsterdam where I’ve had the chance to dance with some of the most open-minded people and even made friends with a few in the process. Hoping to continue this in 2k17 until the end of time.”

Where was your favourite place to hear music in 2016? “De School has been pretty dang dope.”

What is your favourite music-related memory of this year? “Sassy J recovery set saving my Dekmantel Sunday.”

Which vine best represents your 2016?”



Personal theme song: Clipse – “Mr Me Too”

Truancy Highlight 2017: “I have four. Two are pieces I was a part of: Duckett‘s wonderful interview responses were probably the best from any email interview I’ve ever conducted; Valentino Mora and Amila meanwhile provided my favourite and most-listened-to TV of the year. I must mention Mr. G and Carl Simon‘s TVs too though. Both were sick.”

How has your year been? What do you look forward to in 2017? “In 2016 I watched my son grow from a strange lump to a walking bundle of energy. It’s been exhausting and enlivening. I travelled to London, Glasgow and Kraków, where I met Truants and online friends from all over the world, heard some amazing music, ate some great (and some pretty suspect) food and played a show on NTS (sorry Ricc). It’s also been boring and frightening for many reasons, but I constantly try to remind myself how lucky I am in so many ways. 2017 sees more toddler wonder, hopefully more amazing music, and more of an effort to shine a light on those who don’t already have the industry behind them in some way or another.”

Where was your favourite place to hear music in 2016? “Bandcamp is truly great. I often end up there from Twitter, following links from friends and people with better taste, finding new artists, buying music and then returning when that label or artist releases something new. It’s a wonderful cycle. (I don’t get out much.)”

What is your favourite music-related memory of this year? “Kara-Lis Coverdale playing “ICON /C” at Unsound. It was so loud and haunting and painfully beautiful that it really burrowed deep into my soul. That or hearing Call Super play the Stanton Warriors remix of “Jump n’ Shout” at Out To Lunch in Dublin.

Which vine best represents your 2016?”



Personal theme song: Migos – “Bad and Boujee ft. Lil Uzi Vert”

Truancy Highlight 2017: Bed Full of Truants

How has your year been? What do you look forward to in 2017? “2016, or The Year of Quavo as I’ve come to know it, was pretty good to me personally. I say this acknowledging the apocalypse it was for the world in general. I think I was still going through a period of change coming in to the year and now I’m more comfortable than ever with myself. Safe to say it’s a really nice place to be in. I guess the headline news is that I caught a job after a good while unemployed. Naturally I’m blessed about that but it has completely shattered my listening and writing habits. I’m not just writing this because it’s here but one of the things I’m most looking forward to it 2017 is getting back into that flow and contributing regularly to the site. As soon as my wrist is healed (broke it in two places playing football lol) I’m coming back with the content!”

Where was your favourite place to hear music in 2016? “You have my permission to copy and paste what I wrote about Come Thru in here again. The answer will be the same for as long as it exists!”

What is your favourite music-related memory of this year? “Less a singular memory but I’ve taken the most joy from everything Gucci’s done since he got out. Musically speaking we’ve been treated, from “First Day Out Tha Feds” to the three following albums, projects with Lil Uzi Vert and Future plus immaculate guest spots (Fuck Kevin Durant). Forget losing steps, he’s gained them. Of course we all love Gucci for his music but it’s more than that. The physical transformation is the most obvious thing but it’s just as inspiring to hear him speak in interviews, embracing the new kids on the block when few else would and just genuinely speaking with such positivity. Also, there’s almost certainly some recency bias at play here but the NPR video with Zaytoven has to be in my top 5 videos of the year.”

Which vine best represents your 2016?”



Personal theme song: Phil Collins – “Sussudio”

Truancy Highlight 2017: Truancy Volume 157: Mr. G

How has your year been? What do you look forward to in 2017? “Finally settled down in Berlin. Learnt to pick my battles when going out as this city seems to churn out mouth watering line ups month in, month out. Week in, week out. Day in, day out…”

Where was your favourite place to hear music in 2016? “Kraftwerk!”

What is your favourite music-related memory of this year? “It’s a throw up between Tresor’s 25th anniversary and Atonal Festival. Atonal is run by Dimitri Hegemann who is the founder of Tresor so they both shared some of the same venues. Atonal’s main bulk took place in Kraftwerk (a disused power station situated next to Tresor) and as crude as it sounds, it was like “Berghain on steroids”. Highlight of Atonal had to be Pan Daijing. First time seeing her, it took place in Ohm which is the smaller, grimier little sister Tresor which is located in the same complex as Tresor/Kraftwerk. The red rooms teamed with her ethereal performance made it one not to forget. Tresor 25th birthday however featured a 3 way back-to-back-to-back from a mask-clad Moodymann, Juan Atkins and Stingray – ‘nuff said. Speaking of Stingray, seeing him at Berghain on a Friday with Helena Hauff after him was something fucking special too!”

Which vine best represents your 2016?”



Personal theme song: Popcaan – “Ova Dweet”

Truancy Highlight 2017: “The BEARCAT, Hipsters Don’t Dance, 8ULENTINA and Laurel Halo Truancy Volumes.”

Where was your favourite place to hear music in 2016? “In a Dennistoun living room surrounded by pals.”

What is your favourite music-related memory of this year? “Having the opportunity to play alongside producers and DJs who I’ve admired for years such as Uniiqu3, Murlo and Strict Face. Kazabon of Hipsters Don’t Dance triumphantly closing their first set in Scotland (organised by yours truly) with “Party Done” – you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Being present when Beyoncé emblazoned the names of hundreds of black Americans whose lives were cut short by police brutality across her 60-foot tall stage prop. She commanded the 40,000-strong Glasgow crowd to honour the victims with a moment’s silence then launched into an a capella rendition of “Freedom”, which ended with the baptismal kicking and splashing routine that most of us first witnessed in her June BET performance.”

Which vine best represents your 2016? “ – tag yourself I’m the watermelon.”



Personal theme song: R. Strauss – Ein Heldenleben

How has your year been? What do you look forward to in 2017? “Surprising. Watching Andy Murray go from strength to strength has been incredible. Just generally watching the tennis world go as insane as the real world has been thoroughly exciting. No artform has reflected 2016 as closely and sincerely as tennis has.”

Where was your favourite place to hear music in 2016? “Not the Royal Albert Hall. I properly fell in love with Pickle Factory, Het Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), and the Tate’s Turbine Hall after having seen a performance-installation of Grisey/Anne Teresa de Teersmaeker’s Vortex Temporum. 2016 has definitely been the year I’ve gotten sick of a lot of spaces that I feel various musical communities ‘fall back on’, so, amending my answer to the previous question, I’m looking forward to 2017 bringing a new wave of reflection when it comes to what music can and should and will be performed where.”

What is your favourite music-related memory of this year? “There have obviously been a handful . What Antoin, Aurora Mitchell and I describe as ‘that moment during Call Super b2b Pariah at Chapter 10’. Taking my (similarly lonely) mate Dan to see Joe McPhee, Jonathan Edwards and Chris Corsano play at Cafe OTO on Valentine’s Day, the adrenaline from which we were feeling for a good few days afterwards. Exploring the amazing three-hour long spacialised improvisation by Marginal Consort in St John’s Hackney in the Summer was another definite highlight. Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in their incredible hall and with their great audience. EVOL. Francois Xavier Roth and the LSO. Seeing my mates write and/or perform incredible new music, particularly Louis D’Heudieres, Maya Verlaak, and Paul McGuire.”



Personal theme song: Shania Twain – “You’re Still The One”

Truancy Highlight 2017: Hi Tom’s Truancy Volume

How has your year been? What do you look forward to in 2017? “My year has been absolutely lovely! I went away for the first time in 7 years, decided to leave home and move to a different city, watched my best friend fall in love, started my third degree and luckily had some really nice opportunities come my way which I am super grateful for. I look forward to exploring life beyond my small bubble which used to be London.”

Where was your favourite place to hear music in 2016?More so ‘noise’, but I would say from my room in my family home early in the morning. I liked to sit and listen to the birds in my garden, very soothing.”

What is your favourite music-related memory of this year? “PDA x BBC AZN Network’s night earlier this year when they had Byrell The Great as a guest. Due to the fact that it was probably one of the best parties I had been to in a while, but also because “Work” by Rihanna was played a million times and each time was just perfect (that is my song of the year).”

Which vine best represents your 2016? “”



Personal theme song: Round Four – “Find A Way ft. Tikiman”

Truancy Highlight 2017: Laurel Halo’s Truancy Volume was everything I dreamed of, Space Afrika’s perfectly encapsulated my mood and BEARCAT’s gave me LIFE!!! <3.”

How has your year been? What do you look forward to in 2017? “Terrible, but influential. Many moments I asked myself ‘what’s the point?’, but then something would happen to remind me of what I care about and stand for. I feel more in tune with the world around me, and while it’s been incredibly depressing, I’ve found strength in my developing ideology, and solace in electronic music and the community surrounding it. As for 2017, I hope to continue to get to know some of the incredible people I’ve met this year, and get involved with more creative/music-related projects. I look forward to trying harder and hearing new music.”

Where was your favourite place to hear music in 2016? “Sustain-Release. ROAM parties in DC. Mixing records at home. The система | system and РАДИО ГОСТ | Gost Radio mix series’. Hessle Audio on Rinse. DEBONAIR on NTS. Discwoman. Truants <3.”

What is your favourite music-related memory of this year? “Sustain-Release :) Dancing in awe of DJ Sprinkles’ set and later listening to her discuss ‘Secrecy Wave Manifesto’ beneath a pine forest. Experiencing the relentless power of Umfang’s DJing in the early hours of morning. Lounging by the pool, dreamily listening to the sounds of Beta Librae. Ecstatically dancing to the sets of Aurora Halal and Huerco S. Feeling the bass in my chest while watching mist rise off the pond at sunrise. It was magic.”



Personal theme song: “All of Tinashe – Nightride.”

Truancy Highlight 2017: “The HDD, BEARCAT, Laurel Halo, Kuedo and chunyin Truancy Volumes.”

How has your year been? What do you look forward to in 2017? “Cute!! I was mostly focusing on EVE, a party I run with a few friends. We brought out Venus X and Lotic this year so it was obviously a dream / obviously also a nightmare if I looked anywhere else. We also put out a compilation with Decisions and Club Sync called Care Package which was super special. Looking forward to worldwide queer, anti-colonial, prison abolitionist, socialist revolution in 2017!!”

Where was your favourite place to hear music in 2016? “Best spot was last NYE when some friends randomly acquired a disused hospital with this lush view of the city and we had an intense/cute/risky party there. Otherwise in my garden sitting under the mango tree.”

What is your favourite music-related memory of this year? “Definitely my bff Jikuroux’s set at her EP launch party which was amazing… Her parents were there working hard on the df!! Generally her EP and mixes are my favourite music things from this year. Aside from that I had so much fun at Unsound in Adelaide and seeing babyfather, RP Boo and Jlin in one night was way way wayyyyy too much.”

Which vine best represents your 2016? “Any of Akash’s animal x deconstr****ed club hybrids. Second place: technically not vine but Sid the Science Kid – Bad and Boujee was truly special. For vine Jersey remixes Best Friend Anthem duh, followed by YungKiidd’s #stealhermanchallenge.”



Personal theme song: Sheila E – “A Love Bizarre”

Truancy Highlight 2017: “Close race between SVANI and resom mixes.”

How has your year been? What do you look forward to in 2017? “I got to go to Detroit for work. Also went on tour with my shitty punk band. Bought some decent monitors too so pretty good tbh. For 2017 I was really looking forward to Safe as Milk in Prestatyn, North Wales – Hieroglyphic Being, OOIOO, Actress, Gaika, Grouper, This Heat, loads more – but now I can’t go cuz work are sending me to California. Hmu if you wanna cheap chalet.”

Where was your favourite place to hear music in 2016? “My favourite place to party where I stay (Cardiff) is a club called Undertone. Highlights were Sunil Sharpe, Guttersnipe, n Madam X bringing in New Year.”

What is your favourite music-related memory of this year? “Simple Things 2016 in Bristol, Fenriz entering government, Wolf Eyes giving away their archive on the day Trump won, showing up in Moscow after 17 hours travelling to find Outline had been shutdown. As in, cancelled. By the government.”

Which vine best represents your 2016? “Vine’s finished. Here’s a vid that nails it tho –”



Personal theme song: Nobuo Uematsu – “Wandering Flame (FFX OST)”

Truancy Highlight 2017: “Truancy Volume 150: Laurel Halo and Truancy Volume 153: 8ULENTINA.”

How has your year been? What do you look forward to in 2017? “Much like everyone else, on a world-level, it was trash. On a personal level, it’s been a very calming year, kind of in a silence before the storm way. I taught myself how to relax and live life on a day-to-day basis. In 2017, I look forward to making money, finessing the system, more vacations and new music from Sampha, The Neptunes reunited and Ronnie Flex.”

Where was your favourite place to hear music in 2016? “During a roadtrip I did in the US with friends, in the passenger or driver’s seat of the white Jeep that drove us through many adventures. I also bought a sick bluetooth speaker that makes showering an experience that’s a lot like this. I must also mention that my favourite club night of the year was at Laidback Luke’s 40th birthday party at Amsterdam Dance Event this year. It was all around great vibes and made me reconsider emigrating to EDM, Hardwell played the sickest set I’ve heard in like a year.”

What is your favourite music-related memory of this year? “The first time I fully heard Ramriddlz – Venis in Marfa when we drove up to the McDonald Observatorium in the pitch black darkness to see the most beautiful nightsky filled with stars and space I have ever witnessed in my life. I almost hit a deer while driving the steep way back but luckily that did not happen and we could continue to wyle out to “Call Me”.”

Which vine best represents your 2016? “”


Personal theme song: Trina – “My Bitches”

Truancy Highlight 2017: Truancy Volume 140: Xosar

How has your year been? What do you look forward to in 2017? “I think 2016 has been pretty crazy for everyone for better or for worse. 2016 was the year I watched Grace Jones perform live, had my first Nandos and my first tonic wine, and reunited with old friends and met new friends all over the continent. This has been lovely and made the rough start to the year worthwhile. I’m also very happy with the redesign of Truants and the new crew we got on board. More lovely people and great music is what I’m looking forward to.”

Where was your favourite place to hear music in 2016?  “Relocating to the UK forced me to spend a lot of time on buses and the overground, which is where I usually listen to non-music podcasts in the morning and catch up on new releases and mixes at night. Mixes I’ve had on repeat was Volvox’s mix for Resident Advisor and probably Kai Alcé’s mix for Discogs. DJ Fett Burger and Sotofett at Dimensions were also v. special.”

What is your favourite music-related memory of this year? “I’ve seen Call Super play out a handful of times this year and I think his set with Lena Willikens at Pickle Factory was my favourite – going out in the UK is wildly different than in Germany and the Netherlands, and it was the first night where I truly felt at home in a club across the pond.”

Which vine best represents your 2016? “”



Personal theme song: AFX – .000890569

Truancy Highlight 2017: “Truancy Volumes by Kobosil, Hi Tom, Silk Road Assassins, Sassmouth.”

How has your year been? What do you look forward to in 2017? “Much like 2015, my 2016 feels like I haven’t done much – yet it’s been another busy, heads-down year for me. The first half of 2016 was pretty much focused on third year university so grinding down on dissertation and major project deadlines. I went out to New York and surrounding areas for for a couple of weeks shortly after graduating, where I met some cool ass people, hit up some sweet parties and did all the touristy stuff a person visiting the States for the first time might do. My Playstation 1 broke though so I’ve had to put completing Crash Team Racing 100% on hold.”

What is your favourite music-related memory of this year? “Most of my favourite musical moments were definitely whilst out in New York. The last day we were out there my brother was celebrating his 20th birthday so we had to make the decision of risking trying to get in somewhere. The day conveniently coincided with the MoMA PS1 party with Ben UFO & Joy Orbison, so we started out there where Ben had kindly and unexpectedly sorted us out with some VIP tickets, which we had no idea included a unlimited amount of free alcohol. Shout out the XLB/Drake – “With You” transition popping the packed out venue off along with Shy Eyez and her friends being good company. After finishing around 10pm we, recuperated with some dinner before heading to the Electric Minds 10 party with our favourites Ben and Joy for another seven hours in an amazing warehouse space in Bushwick.

“Also the Silk Road Assassins edit of Young Thug is probably my most played track this year.”

Which vine best represents your 2016?,,,”