Truancy Volume 153: 8ULENTINA

For Truancy Volume 153 we’re pleased to present 8ULENTINA, curator of the recently featured Tobago Tracks compilation DISMISS U. 8ULENTINA is a producer, DJ and installation artist based in Oakland, California. Together with foozool, they run Club Chai, a club night that inverts power structures through its line ups and offers the kind of space that, as 8ULENTINA told The Astral Plane, allows them to, “Be trans, Middle Eastern, queer and everything else at once instead of one tokenized element of [them]self”. Born after their collaboration with Browntourage, Night Forms, the party has hosted a swathe of Truants favourites from the more adventurous end of dance music – DJ Haram, Manara and Stud1nt to name a few – and will be returning on Aug 26th with Erika Kayne, Shodan and DJ Spider. Describing the ethos of the night, 8ULENTINA explains, “We have always been interested in creating spaces where non-Western music and Western club music could intersect, especially since most of the Middle Eastern music we both grew up with is dance music but isn’t always put in a club context. Club Chai dismisses genres and is an event that often centers diasporic narratives, women and trans artists, DJs and producers.”

In a year that has seen their profile begin to rise they’ve made their Rinse FM debut and released mixes for the likes of The Astral Plane, Club Etiquette and Tobago Tracks. We’ve loved them all so it was a no-brainer to get them in the mix for a Truancy Volume. On their mix, 8ULENTINA taps into many modes: sultry RnB from Kid Ink and Mila J, club bangers from collectives like NAAFI and Night Slugs, Turkish EDM from Kantik and more abstract offerings from Chino Amobi and 8ULENTINA themself. These disparate threads are lovingly blended into a coherent whole, rattling through everything in an exhilarating 30 minutes. As you listen, revisit our extensive interview with 8ULENTINA and the artists from the DISMISS U compilation.


مهرجان شوفت ازاي يا صاحبي MAHRAGAN SHOFT AZAY YA SA7BY – غناء | | احمد النجم العندليب و عصام ربيع
Indiana – DJbboy
Nasty – Kid Ink ft. Jeremih, Spice
Don’t Waste My Time (Leonce Bounce Mix) – Keyshia Cole
Friend Zone – Mila J
Hindi Groove – Sanity
C100 – DJC
Girlfriend – Kap G
Strings Hoe – Traxmatik × Dizzee Rascal
Quero Te Da Remix – Dj Adizzy X Echo12inc
Hallah Allah – Sanity
Salam – Kantik
Ananasem – SHYBOI
EMT(first response) feat. DEDEKIND CUT, ELYSIA CRAMPTON, & FULL CARNAGE – Chino Amobi
resent – 8ULENTINA


8ULENTINA: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

Club Chai returns on Aug 26th with Erika Kayne, Shodan, DJ Spider, and residents foozool and 8ULENTINA. Click here for more info.

Simon Docherty