Recommended: Oscar Mulero – Spatial Sequence Synesthesia EP

Bas Mooy’s MORD label has been a bastion of functional, destructive dancefloor techno for many years now. The Rotterdam-based label has served as both a barracks for the new kids on the block and as a sanctuary for the seasoned techno veterans. This outing fulfils the latter purpose of the label as PoleGroup head Oscar Mulero steps up with the five-tracker Spatial Sequence Synesthesia EP.

As someone who has been regularly contributing at a high level in techno, Mulero has whittled the art of hypnotism down to an acute science. It has been a very hot minute since the days of sharing the stage with the likes of a young Regis, playing 135bpm tribal techno sets to energetic Madrid crowds. Since then, Mulero has found the perfect balance between pace and energy, seeking refuge in trance-inducing hooks.

The opening track, “Sensory Deprivation”, induces anything but its namesake. The deep, broken drums don’t waste time baptising Mulero’s first solo EP on the label in MORD’s unmistakable ferocity. The Spaniard later brings in deep, almost-acid stabs which ride high-end, shrill percussion for the duration of the track, providing some depth to the dynamism. The second A-side track employs the classic “Rotterdam” kick drum; a high-energy, peak-time work out complete with a bouncing synth line complementing the brutal bass drum. The B-side pays homage to the producer’s Polegroup and Warm Up material. Subtle, textural low-ends and shuffling hi-hats drive the track forward. Similar to his work with Christian Wünsch as Spherical Coordinates, the title track “Spatial Sequence Synesthesia”, “Common Frequencies” and (digital exclusive) “Number Form” finish the EP off nicely with Mulero firing up the machines that helped him carve out his inimitable sound.

Oscar Mulero’s Spatial Sequence Synesthesia EP is out now on MORD and available here.

Jena Sivakuma