Truancy Volume 156: SVANI

With 155 Truancy Volumes under our belt, it’s important to us here at Truants to continue to support fresh and upcoming talent. Many however, will be fully aware of the rising DJ and producer that is Svanhild Landvik, aka SVANI and if you aren’t, let us introduce you. Svani’s been shelling down unstoppable Soundcloud edits and contributing to the online network of women within underground club music for the past year now. Her mixes purvey that special kind of club vibe that makes you smile and nod to your friends before stupidly punching the air in joy.

Like many artists who have found success in recent years, SVANI cites positive relationships formed online, as well as the close music community of her hometown in Norway, as reasons for hew newfound confidence to publish her music. Her own songs, which she generally gives away through her Soundcloud, are tracks formulated for the club, and truly are, for want of a better word, fun. We’re so excited to share with you our 156th Truancy Volume and can’t wait for you to properly discover what we’ve been banging on about. While you listen, read on to find out what she’s all about as an artist, and what she’s got planned for the future.

First off, for those who might not be familiar, could you tell us a bit about yourself? Where you’re from, what got you into music, and your influences. “I’m from a very small place in the middle of Norway, but moved as soon [as] I could after high school. I now live in the capital of Norway – Oslo. I’ve always been interested in music and even made mixtapes on minidiscs when I was younger. But I didn’t really think it was possible to DJ “for real” until a couple of years ago. I just fondled around with Traktor, then bought a little mixer. Right after I started to DJ (just by myself in my room), I met my boyfriend, Martin (Rytmeklubben) and he encouraged me to release mixes and try to get gigs. So actually, if it weren’t for him, I would probably still be in my room pushing those Traktor buttons <3. I’ve always listened to a lot of different stuff, and I feel that this is a common ground for all my music-loving friends. So growing up, and to this day, I still listen to a lot of different styles of music. My mood controls my selection.”

What sort of scene have you experienced music-wise in Norway and have you found it differs from that of elsewhere around Europe or the world? “There was a great scene in Trondheim before, and straight after, I started DJing. But sadly one after another, almost everybody moved away. Now there is a small scene going on there. S/O to Ballo and Hi Tom [who] still live there (: I love the environment we have in Oslo, because it’s like one big “Cheers” episode where everybody knows your name. It’s not a big club scene, but those who are interested in club music are very supporting all around. S/O to Rytmeklubben, 3000 textures, Ball’Em Up, KOSO and GYMMEN <3. I can’t say that much about the rest of the world, but it seems like the club scene is small in every city, but thankfully we’re a big community online through Soundcloud, Classical Trax and Sister.”

You talk about Sister, that’s where I first came across your music. I notice you’re quite active on the group, can you tell me a bit about what this space online means to you and what you think it has provided female artists? “What’s there to say, I love the internet <3 No, but it’s amazing to be able to talk, learn and collaborate with people from all around the world. Sister makes it easier to find amazing women that work in the music business. If you only live your life IRL you can get stuck in a small homogeneous scene, and it can be hard to expand your mind. So I think that this group gives insight into a lot of different people from all around the world and I love that.”

Your music has always been very fun and free flowing to me – exactly the type of thing I personally like to hear in the club! Can you tell us a bit about how you approach DJ sets versus your production style and process? “I don’t do DJ sets, I only bring my USB (with everything I got), so I never know what’s going to happen. But when I make tracks I always try to make something I would vibe to in a club, and that’s the same for my track selection. So, if it passes the club-test then it’s good to go. Luckily being a DJ I can play a lot of unreleased things and test them out on the crowd. If they like it, then maybe it’s finished. “

You’re on tour throughout October – how are feeling about that and can we expect to see you in the UK any time soon? “I love to play! I’m a teacher part-time and I work with my music part-time, so I’m lucky that [I] can use my weekends to play. And I’ve been lucky to get a lot of cool gigs this fall. I hope I can come back to UK soon! But I have to get booked, so please book me ;;;))))”

If you could choose any three people, alive or dead, to DJ alongside who would it be and why? “I would love to play with Asmara, The Large and zutzut. Just because they have mad selection <3.”

What can you tell us about the mix you’ve made for us? “I made a mix that represents moving into the Norwegian fall, clinging onto the summer but realizing that the cold is here to stay. This mix takes you up and down, and through different vibes and rhythms – just like life itself. :O And, S/O to Kelman Duran. I’ve used like 4 tracks from him in this mix and I could have used a trillion more, so go follow.”

What are you up to next and have you got anything planned for 2017? “I have a lot of gigs this fall and I’m trying to make more music, but I’m really slow, so I takes for ever. In 2017 I’m hopefully traveling more in Europe and it would be great to go to US and play. I hope to release a lot of more music, and to play and meet all the lovely people I met URL – IRL <3. Thanks for having me!”


Nindja – Shake it x Miss Fatty – Million Stylez (Danchall) Remix by DJ Herax (SVANI MESSUP)
Blastah – Nogara x LADY SAW – BEG U (SVANI MESSUP)
DJ KARAKOE – Drifter
Kelman Duran – J Soul – Time (Dembow Remix)
Toni Braxton – You’re Making Me High (SVANI EDIT)
Pininga – Gaibu
Dinamarca x Brandy (SVANI EDIT)
GUCCI SONG x AXACAN (pink dollaz x elysia) DJ KARAOKE TWIST
popcaan – way up (rAHHH remix)
Füete Billete – Trå
Leriq & Wiz Kid (Kelman Duran edit)
Alkaline – Champion Boy
Konshens – Gal Thing (Blacklight Riddim)
Randy “Nota Loca” ft. De La Ghetto, Arcangel, Guelo Star: Nuestro Combo (Kelman Duran Edit)
Tomboy – Princess Nokia ( Kid Cala Remix)
Kelvin Duran – Dembow society III
SVANI – Estoy loco x Lorna
Papito Ven A Mi (Dj DaDream Bubbling Rmx)
ALKALINE X PLAN B (Kelman Duran edit)
Future – Fuck Up Some Commas (Breyth Angolastral Remix)
Dj safari Afrokillerz – Days Missy Elliot Get freak on
Bakongo – Grind (Dreem Tran’s edit)
Champion – Gunshot
DJ R7 x Kid Antoine – Proximity Adequada
MC Gão – Novinha Maluca (DJ Perera) Lançamento 2016
Resla – Nitro
MM – 5 RIVERS (Phonome’s Work It Bootleg)
Mynor – Eso No Ta (Prod. By Rewire)
Queen Trillion (Miss TB) – COMMAS




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