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Truancy Volume 170: Beta Librae

There’s an air of suggestion to Beta Librae’s productions, an invitation to give in and lose yourself in the moment. Her recent releases, a track on comp 4 by 1221 and cassette S/T for Lillerne Tapes, are otherworldly expeditions into the realm of dub-tinged ambience and techno. Unraveling genre preconceptions, Beta Librae repeatedly dives into […]

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Interview: Sami%SuYung

1432 R co-founders Sami and Joyce have been busy lately. Between running the Washington, DC-based label, promoting parties (ROAM and ANYWHO), curating a mix series (Extended Family) and DJing, the two managed to put together a compelling debut. Titled Ethics, the EP marks their first release working as a duo under the moniker Sami%SuYung. Warm, […]

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Interviews, Truancy Volumes

Truancy Volume 164: BEARCAT

Born in London and based in New York, multidisciplinary artist and DJ BEARCAT has been electrifying dance floors since 2008. With a unique talent for blending diverse genres and layering dynamic vocals, her sets are both technical and emotive. This sense of power and drama carries throughout all of BEARCAT’s work, from live mixes to […]

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Recommended: Zomby – Ultra

After 2013’s long-winded With Love, many wondered whether Zomby would find new directions to explore on another LP. The years since have brought a relative chill to his previously trigger-happy Twitter account whilst  a pair of Let’s Jam EPs on XL revealed a level of polish and depth that the producer had once only hinted […]

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