Five Mixes Are Better Than One Pt. XIII

Just ‘cause it’s been almost six months since the last NSMIX, don’t think Bok Bok and the rest of the slugs are slowing down one bit. Fresh off the heels of the amazing “Live Set @ Heaven” from Girl Unit and Bok Bok, NSMIX002 comes to us from L-Vis 1990. The producer recently moved from London to NYC and the transatlantic transplant no doubt had an influence on this mix, giving it a distinct east coast feel. Opening with KW Griff’s “Y’all Aint Safe” after an acapella by TT the Artist, word on the street is that L-Vis linked with TT’s producer and Baltimore local Murder Mark for “In This Motherf**ker” and the semi-NSFW “FDAU.” Though Griff’s inescapable “Bring in the Katz” is nowhere to be found on this one, there’s a whole treasure trove of unreleased/forthcoming Night Slugs material including Girl Unit’s “Double Take Pt. 2” and Dat Oven’s “Icy Lake.” L-Vis also seems to have had a bit of fun with Masters at Work’s “The Ha Dance,” giving us a few reinterpretations as “Temptation Ha” and “Spinal Ha.” We recommend listening to this one immediately.

Stream: L-Vis 1990 – NSMIX002

There’s a little John Talabot quote that we take with us wherever we go — “Sometimes you only had one chance to hear a song, and if you didn’t get those names, you’d never hear it again.” That gem is from Fader 81 and references the art of the track ID, something that didn’t use to be so easy. For that reason we’re featuring the two year-old Summerized Mix that Talabot did for Barcelona-based Playground mag. The mix can no longer be found on Playground site but it lives on thanks to Talabot’s soundcloud account. Chalk full of 90’s house music, Summerized still sounds fresh as ever. It also comes (fittingly) without a tracklist, timed comments on the waveform and even a few from Talabot himself comprising a makeshift one. Talabot’s comments are perhaps the best :“it’s a strictly rhythm [track] by Simone, not sure of the tittle (sic) sorry” and “I rip that from the vinyl and only write down artist, label an (sic) side :p.” Sit back, relax and make a tracklist if you can.

Stream: John Talabot – Summerized Mix

Don Froth, what’s up my man? It’s ya crew, Truants, 773. Don Froth, what’s up little buddy? You’re probably snoozin’, we’re not.. we’re cruising to this new mix of yours. It’s Don Froth in the mix for our homies at Sonic Router (a great interview on there, too) which is pretty much a stunningly effective dyad of the things in music that are closest to our heart. And Froth delivers, which is not entirely unforeseen: the mix opens with a great introduction that’s composed of a collection of VIP voicemails Froth’s gabba Chain left him, then in a matter of seconds Forth throws over the tone and takes you straight onto the floor by running you through lots of his and his associates’ new material- there is no time for claptrap, and you’re taken straight to The Real. The tracklisting reads exactly as we’d like to see from this artist in particular; lots of forthcomings, topped with a West Norwood Cassette Library dubplate to go out with a bang. Keep an eye out for Froth’s new “Reflex” EP coming out on UNO NYC at the end of the month as well as his remix for Emu’s “Freak” which you can hear in this mix. Nothing but love for Don Froth, always.

Stream: Don Froth – SR Mix #148

Many of us are too young to have experienced this, but back in the day (the nineties) friends didn’t make friends DJ mixes to show off their eclectic taste, instead they made makeshift tapes which often featured tracks that were abruptly cut off and varying in quality. Romy xx of The XX has brought back a sliver of that aesthetic on her podcast for Groove Magazine. After a chat with her they received this unsolicited mixtape in their inbox. It didn’t include much of a backstory other than the fact it contains one Romy’s favorite artists Fleetwood Mac. For close to 30-minutes we’re treated to soft-spoken vocals, the delicate strumming of guitars, and synthetic textures. Does this sound familiar? It’s not difficult to see where the influences for her songwriting and singing come from, but more importantly this is an excellent collection of songs, which we turn on during low-key evenings or while drinking alone (in the Truants mansion).

Download: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Romy xx – Groove Podcast 11: I Think of You (Mixtape)”]

Listening through his sprawling discography that touches on everything from classic Chicago and Detroit techno to electro, soulful deep house and ambient, several things have been consistent across Danny Wolfers’ many projects – a distinct, idiosyncratic creativity and a personality with a unique sense of humour and fun (for proof of this just visit his wonderful website, if you have not already). To go along with the release of yet another fantastic Legowelt album, on Clone, Crème Organization have dug into their archives and shared with the world a recording of a 2001 live set from their Astro Disco party at the Tulliklubi in Finland that serves as a representation of all those qualities. Despite being over a decade old, this 40 minute taste of the Dutchman’s raw Italo-tinged electro is a pulsating and enchanting experience from start to finish, and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and make you want to dance.

Stream: Legowelt – Live at Astro Disko (Tulliklubi, Finland, 23 Feb 2001)

Words by: Tim Willis, Soraya Brouwer, Eradj Yakubov & Jon Alcindor.

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