Five Mixes Are Better Than One Pt. VIII

Soundtrack to last summer, it’s about time we brushed the dust off this one and had another listen in order to pull us out of our dead-of-winter blues. Featuring tracks from fellow LuckyMe crewmates like Hudson Mohawke, Lunice, and Machinedrum, as well as a smattering of feel-good bits like Pretty Girl Swag and Juke Ya Girl – this is one to blast with the windows rolled down, if you’re blessed enough not to be trapped in a parka right now. If you aren’t then that’s alright too, this mix practically radiates Vitamin D out of your speakers. The mix itself serves as a reflection of why we love Éclair Fifi and respect her so much as a DJ – it jumps between Rustie and Jeremih, Dorian Concept and Beyonce, Devo and Boddika, and has the most fun while doing so (find the tracklisting here).

Stream: URB: Eclair Fifi Exclusive Mix

When a musician is from East London you never hear the end of it, but no-one ever seems to keen to represent West. Produce Brey isn’t afraid to step up though. Everyone panicking in a Notting Hill townhouse can breathe a sigh of relief, Brey hasn’t let you down. We’re pretty familiar with Brey’s dexterity here at Truants, but this latest mixtape for Red Bull Music Academy showcases his skill in keeping it eclectic without losing hold of a determined vibe, which for the sake of brevity we’ll simply call ‘deep’. This mix features an Aaliyah song you haven’t heard five million times yet, ‘BTSTU’ (which you have heard five million times but still love, admit it), a track from “freak folk” sample addict tUnE-yArDs as well as a disco tune from a 1980s Bollywood star. Plus there’s a whole bunch of unreleased Brey material, including a song called – wait for it – “Hannah Montagne de la Cocaine”. Why not, Brey. Why the hell not.

Brey’s Die Wunderful Red Bull Mixtape (Die Schmutzigen Kollektion) by Brey

Who Paddy exactly is, we couldn’t tell you. We simply don’t know much about the man – his real name is Patrick O’Neill, he works for Honest Jons and the sub-label of Mute Records Liberation Technologies. He’s a DJ from London who has his own show on NTS Live, and respectively plays records for two hours on the station twice a month on Fridays, from 4PM to 6PM. Paddy plays a terrific selection of old and new house and techno records on his show: most of his selection is completely new to our ears every time, making all of his shows a thoroughly enjoyable listen from start to end. Up for stream below is a recording from half a year ago with Joy O guesting on his show, kindly re-hosted by Dummy Magazine: there is a little bit of Smalville, some Deetron, Steve Bug and a lot more electronic graciousness in there. If we could embed any of his solo shows we would, but  technology doesn’t allow it. For the love of impeccable selection, listen to some of his older shows here and if you want to catch his show live, you can find the full NTS schedule here.

Joy Orbison NTS radio mix by DummyMag

Kuhn is young Bennett from Brooklyn, NYC, Astro Nautico boss man and recently signed to Civil Music. You should know his Slime Beach 12″. Celebrating a handful of live gigs in the UK  the folks at Red Bull invited Kuhn to answer a few questions and asked a mixtape. Kuhn provides 60 minutes of überkitchy R&B, Juke and Ghetto Tech, Hip Hop, and a remarkable amount of Brit Rap a.k.a. Grime. Not the most subtle collection of tunes you might be able to imagine  but his tape is great fun and goes along very well with the production aesthetics of Astro Nautico, Kuhn, and Bass Music Zeitgeist in general.

Link: Introducing Mix #3: Kuhn

Two things that are really cool right now: 90s club music and Scandinavians. That hunger you feel to combine these two things has finally been satisfied by Swedish electro shoegaze duo Koralleven, who open their mix for Oki-Ni with some ethereal ghostliness from Ayshay and then follow it up with Baby D’s “Let Me Be Your Fantasy”. What do you expect from people that named one of their albums ‘An Album by Koralleven’ – these guys are just too crazy! But seriously, this mix is a really fun trip that goes from classic Belgian techno to a Mahayana Buddhist sutra like it’s not even a thing. Now that’s cool.

Link: oki-ni: ONANDONANDON by Korallreven

Words by: Cayley MacArthur, Immy Soraya, Sven Swift and Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura.

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