Review: Sines – Money Girl EP

Houston based producer Sines embodies exactly the type of American hip hop that is universally loved.  Hood vocal samples, coked out hi hats, and sparse 808s all doused in stripped horns and leads makes up Sines’ arsenal and on his latest EP “Money Girl” he fires all five off almost perfectly.  The entire EP, which was released on his own Freshmore label, is just over 12 minutes; there are no five-minute intros here, this music is made for the dance floor and aggressive mixing.

In the right hands, the title track “Money Girl”, could have a crowd repeating the well known sample with fader cuts.  Everything in it is precisely where it needs to be, the keys have you hooked almost instantly with horns that easily give the track an anthem-like feel.  Instant visions of loads of people popping bottles left and right with an enormous man throwing money into crowded floor of club-goers are bound to bubble up.  Listening to “Mind Riddim” its obviously begging for an MC, preferably someone like Rick Ross or Juicy J.  Eerie pads creep into the track, the type that has a person looking over their shoulder as he walks home.  Sines once again brings it home with the stadium horns making this twist on trap rap one of the highlights of the EP.  “Get Dun Up” builds on the formula Sines has applied throughout the whole EP, polished hip hop beats that are aggressive enough for even the toughest ones to want to stay on the floor and at the same time catchy enough to get the rest moving. Sampling this Midwest hip hop record he creates a vibe that is either preparing people to fight or for a dance off.  The EP’s final track “G’s Up” slightly touches the Bass music scene with his use sub bass and glitch synths common in a lot of experimental beat driven music.  Once again the big room horns that push the song along enter the equation.

Mind Riddim-OUT NOW ON FRESHMORE by Sines

This is clearly a hip hop record begging for some MCs, but still capable of standing on its on feet in a club environment.  It’s by no means a flawless record, as some elements feel over used, but overall the tracks stay fresh and ready to get people hype for the club or keep the energy up inside.  As said in the intro of “Get Dun Up” “I’ve been in this mother f***** since day one and I ain’t trying to get out” so expect Sines to be around for a while serving us up his own brand of hip hop for the foreseeable future.

Jonathon Alcindor

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