Download: Lucid – Walkingly Jaded (Mister Tweeks Remix)

All the way back in March of this year a little known Belgian label by the name of Pelican Fly announced their sonic intentions with their first and acclaimed release ‘Richelle – Mascotte’, and consolidated the ethos that big is better. Interest though is starting to peak again as the countdown begins towards their 4th release, chartered for release in early October with Richelle taking the reins again with promised remixes from Marcus Price, Dj Sliink, Max Le Daron & Javier Estrada and Canblaster. The excitement is born out of some extremely goodwill on the part of the Pelican Fly stable as they begin to release a succession of free tracks and remixes by Lucid, Sam Tiba and LOL Boys are eminent in the lead up to the EP’s release.

This give-away comes in the form of a remix of Lucid’s ‘Walkingly Jaded’ by none other than Mister Tweeks who’s remix of Mascotte is still fresh in the mind as well as his individual EP effort ‘Numero Sept’ – again on Pelican Fly. It takes the energy of the original and complements it with a new gage of energy – reminiscent of the way Lucid remixed his own track Elevator. The synths bounce of all walls and the percussion ploughs through them with power and purpose, it is however the arrangement that becomes the tracks greatest strength as it appears to all concerned an unpredictable affair but instead gives it a real life of it’s own and affirms it as a real show stopper.

Download: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Lucid – Walkingly Jaded (Mister Tweeks Remix)”] (320 kbps)