Chronicles: Rich Boy’s ‘Bigger Than The Mayor’

Chronicles is a returning item that delves into rap/hip-hop mixtapes from the past and pulls out some forgotten treasures that still remain relevant. Released back in 2008, “Bigger Than The Mayor” was originally supposed to generate hype to lead into Rich Boy’s sophomore album. Three years later and that album is still nowhere in sight. This is probably a bad situation for Rich Boy, but not necessarily for fans of his music. He’s dropped at least three killer mixtapes in the interim, with “Bigger Than The Mayor” being the best of the bunch.

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Though it’s hard to pick favorites since the tape is full of gems, “Wrist Out The Window” is the first real banger, popping up as track three after what are essentially two intros: “Intro” and “Buried Alive”, track one and track two respectively both clock in under two minutes. Loud bass slaps and a great vocal chop, “Money long as a limo, just show off I put my wrist out the window” (Yes, that’s a Gucci sample from “Freaky Girl“). This track and the one that follows are great examples something I love about trunk/trap rap music. Despite lyrical content, the sound can often skew towards something out of a horror movie.

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Rich Boy runs with that a bit on the very next track, “Chevy A Monsta” which is my favorite song on the tape. Eerie synth (Is that a synth?) and a very wide, thick sounding bass. The little sample/intro from Tales From The Crypt’s own Crypt Keeper helps to sell it even further. “I hope you’re not cultured out, kiddies, because the next part of our program is a little part that I’ve been working on. I hope you like the goreography” right into a cackle as Rich Boy goes into describing all the lovely things the dope game has blessed him with. “Freddy Krueger red, the paint job’ll haunt ya/ Niggas scared like it’s friday the 13th/ Riding in my chevy like it’s nightmare on elm street.” All in all, it’s a song full of quotables and great lines. Off the strength of this song (and later, the street single “Drop“), I’m still not sure how we didn’t get a new album two years ago.

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The more radio friendly track “Haters Wish” (that motherfucker in the chorus could easily be censored!) has to make you wonder if a lot of the tracks on here weren’t meant for an actual retail album and instead of being shelved ended up on a free tape. Albums masquerading as mixtapes are pretty common and popular these days and the quality of Bigger Than The Mayor feels like it’d fit right in with some of the better album-tapes. Haters Wish in particular begs for a slice of life visuals with pretty women and even prettier cars. Hopefully more people will pay attention to Rich Boy going forward. He’s a lot more talented and better than to always be “that guy who did Throw Some D’s.” Download the tape, love it, and maybe get po’d up too.

Download: Rich Boy’s “Bigger Than The Mayor”

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