Preview: Two Inch Punch – Up In Your Mix

It’s been a while since Two Inch Punch self-released his captivating white label 12” in April. The West-London based producer garnered a lot of attention for his compact and soulfully approached tracks and both “Love You Up” and “Luv Luv” acted as a perfect introduction to this artist and his unique sound that he has self-tagged as lovestep. Though there might not be a lot of information on him out there, his known credentials are impressive, with writing, guitar and production credits for the likes of I Blame Coco, Little Boots and Lil Wayne as well as being a “frustrated soul and R&B singer” himself.

Months later now, and he’s been signed to PMR Records with a full-fledged EP release for “Love You Up” scheduled to drop late October with a total of five tracks to immerse yourself in. There’s an opportunity to sneak a preview of the EP on his Soundcloud entitled “Up In Your Mix”, a track that’s strangely unstructured but all the more alluring in this manner. Though most of his tracks are only two to three minutes long, Two Inch Punch somehow laces together the different layers of his tracks in such a way that the stories told seem timeless. He manages to build around the emotions of his chopped up vocal samples with his own workmanship of crafty synths and extensive melodies. “Up In Your Mix” is a perfect example of this working method: there might not be a traditional sense of body to it, but the Dru Hill sample that’s been chosen induces just the right amount of passion and excitement, and all of the concocted melodies that surround it build it up to strengths on end. At the end of the day his formula more than works out right for the audience, and if there’s any justice left in the world, big things are in store for Two Inch Punch.

Up In Your Mix by Two Inch Punch

“Up In Your Mix” taken from the “Love You Up” EP releasing 31st October, 2011 on PMR Records

Sindhuja Shyam