Step Yo Game Up

I’m willing to bet £100 that anyone remotely interested in electronic music has listened to or owns a Fabric/Live CD. If you haven’t then I’m going to straight out say you’re lying!  If you really haven’t then you’re going to go and spend those £100 on as many Fabric Live CD’s as you can! (Quick note, you’re in a dream and I never actually agreed to this). BOOM, this is where you wake up, thinking that the DJ Craze Fabric Live CD is one of the, if not the greatest Fabric Live CD ever. You’re thinking:  “Damn, I wish I had that Lushus track off the CD, that Craze produced, that never got released.” You’re thinking; “Ahh man, so want to drop that track tonight but I don’t have it, cause it like never got released.” You are thinking of a strutting Leonardo Di Caprio listening to Ho Fo Sho and telling yourself, that this the most awesome thought ever. I had to go about eleven dreams deep and nearly got stuck in limbo land but here it is; a nice old school, girl rap track that Craze kindly let out onto the web a couple of days back.

LUSHUS – HO FO SHO (320 kbps)

Soraya Brouwer

LONDON VIA AMSTERDAM - Soundcloud & Instagram

2 thoughts on “Step Yo Game Up”

  1. This song is hilarious…btw it costs like 15 pounds to get into fabric and 90% of the people in there are on coke..last time I was there a short indian man kept trying to hump me

  2. Hahaha I’d definitely say that Fabric is one of the most overrated clubs in London. Full of tourists but I forgive them for bringing them out such constantly good CD’s. As for humping Indian men. No idea how to reply to that! haha

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