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It is a self evident truth that everybody loves receiving high quality music for FREE! This truth appears to be the driving force behind Glasgow blog turned record label Phuturelabs who just dropped their first release today! Their first offering is a two track EP from Edinburgh producer Wira titled “Vloeitjes” (rolling papers to me and you). You may remember around a month ago I posted a mix from this rather mysterious future garage producer. His progressive mix of purely original tracks was a strange journey through bass music that I would easily deem ‘essential listening’. When I first heard Wira’s music I was under the assumption that it was the work of a twenty something bedroom producer, little did I know that it was actually Edinburghs most popular bass export Alan Hostage behind these delightful noises. Alan is undoubtably known for his bass heavy, wobble rave carnival music (something he does extremely well) however his latest release as Wira demonstrates his restraint and maturity that I find somewhat more captivating than any of his previous endeavours. Since first being featured on TRUANTS, Wira’s music spread across the blogosphere, finally landing in the hands of Phuturelabs who were quick to whip up some of his tracks for release. The title track “Vloeitjes” is a shuffling percussive number that has gained the support from the likes of Sinden and Radio 1?s Mary Anne Hobbs. The main synth is a bizarre sound that sometimes feels like a percussion instrument more than anything, weaving in and out of the atmospheric drums seamlessly to create soaring builds and breakdowns that will no doubt work well in the clubs. Check out the hyper modern psychedelic artwork designed by Konx-Om-Pax,  the man behind the album art for Hudson Mohawke. This is without a doubt the best free release of the year! Grab the entire Ep (in various formats) over at Phuturelabs.

WIRA – VLOEITJES (320 kbps)

WIRA – PLAYGROUND (320 kbps)

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