Five Mixes Are Better Than One: Part IV

Previously in the Five Mixes Are Better Than One series: Part I & Part II & Part III.

My father always used to tell me that sleep paralysis was something like horoscope signs: because there isn’t enough scientific proof that it’s real, this Darwin Lite papa chose to completely dismiss the entire phenomenon. It was cool with me until I experienced this myself last night, or at least I think I did. The most fucked up nightmare ever, basically. For the rest of the day I couldn’t really think of anything else anymore and I felt kind of anxious, I was a bundle of nerves basically. I’ve been spending my time on doing things that calmed me and I’ve been doing a good job so far. On the journey to distract myself I was lucky to find some good mixtapes so I’m taking over Riccardo’s torch this time for the mixtape series. First up is a mix of the sisters of our brothers Chaos In The CBD (Louis, if you’re reading this – we are missing you every day!); the two NZ girls MayaVanya. Needless to say these girls have been doing a really good job the last couple of months – playing silent disco pool parties, Mad Decent label parties & Creamfields – going from Miami 2 Ibiza. The mix they did for Pomp&Clout grabbed my attention because there’s a reggae edit of I Want You Back by Jackson 5 in it. I didn’t think anyone would ever get away with doing this, but somehow they did. There’s some  Gappy Ranks in it too, and Kanye samples. An hour of fun until your daddy takes the T-Bird away.


And then there’s some Soul Clap for you. Their Boston Mix for XLR8R as well as their EFUNK: The Mixtape have been on heavy rotation in Haus des Immy. Levine and Goldstein always seem to hit the right note; their mixes are simply impeccable and amorous. The Bostonians always open my eyes and ears to brilliant new music as well. My heart skipped a little when I saw they made a podcast for Resident Advisor. A little Nicolas Jaar edit here, some Grace Jones there. Dee-Lite’s “I think I know what is love.”-tune as well as some 80’s classics thrown in the mix. As Donald Fagen once said, “When you get a groove going, time flies.”. They work on the other side of time and when I had this one on I found myself still listening to this three hours before I had to wake up. Needless to say I overslept the next morning, but all was good. Go find out for yourselves! On a sidenote: a special feature in cooperation with these guys is coming up this autumn, so stay tuned.


Hearing the term “Witch House” for the first time ever yesterday, my ears spontaneously fell off. Do we really need another genre that can’t be defined, explained? I scrolled through my iTunes to listen to the Witch House leaders Salem mix for DIS, but I couldn’t really get into it. Darude’s Sandstorm, really? How does one justify putting that track in a mix besides ‘wanting to be being really ironic and tacky’? Gigi D’fucking Agostino? Go away, please. The multi-artist from Kansas City, Cody Critcheloe, remarkable for being the leader of the Ssion collective and directing some Peaches videos or whatever, has done a Hexenhaus mix for the same magazine that is kinda more accessible. To me, at least. It blends new wave with pop, post-punk and industrial. It has Prince and Janet Jackson next to Vitalic and PJ Harvey, and they even have Les Georges Leningrad – a band I was hoping to never hear of again after I saw them when I was about 10 y.o. and they were playing the same stage as my favourite band. They ruined my virgin eyes but I’ll forgive them for once. I still don’t get it but Witch House can’t be so bad after all, can it?


How did Diplo end up in Mozambique? Sunday morning, 7am. A lil bluebird with a skeleton face landed on his shoulder and is screaming fear factory songz @ him. He sold drugs.. Now what book should he buy for this flight? Something classic like some faulkner swag. Raverz, sclaverz. He gotta stop snorting those prenatal vitaminz. Good backstage. He had a framed pic of himself, magnums, M.I.A. dartbboard and a swimming pool + like 10 million kidz and Deadmau5. Just a day in the life of Diplo, the man who is a miracle to me.  He’s the Messiah and The Dude at the same time. He’s a connaisseur who gets away with playing and making the worst tracks on earth, yet most of what he makes is brilliant. His mixes are on point when he’s not high on some Brazilian cannabis, therefore here is the first mixtape in the Pomp&Clout series: Chasing The Dragon mixed by Diplo. Soul, funk, psychedelic rock. Dope, dope, dope!


There was a time when Mishka in collaboration with Skream presented us Mishka presents Keep Watch Vol. 6; I remember it vividly. It must’ve been one of the first mixtapes that was on heavy rotation on this side of the line, and I still listen to it frequently. Ever since the Keep Watch volumes have been putting out great mixes by great names. Night Slugs representatives Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990 have mixed volume twenty for Mishka recently. I won’t waste too many words on this one because we know what they have in their march and all their joint mixes have been lovely and packed with goodies by Night Slugs and fam.


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