Kaleidoscope Coulours You Bring Me

Now my younger brother has always been the more musically talented one in the family. He plays like a million instruments whilst I just like to play with synths (not a dickhead) and dabble at at the piano. Now we often bounce back and recommend different music to each other, and he recently showed me Brooklyn based band French Horn Rebellion and told me they’ve got a debut album titled The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion coming out on the 15th of November. This might have just been pure coincidence but about two hours after him telling me about them I got an email from their PR or whatever: those people who send out music to blogs are called, saying ‘Blah blah blah, we’d like you to blog abut this’. Freaky. I’m not usually a big follower of this sort of music, I tend to leave it in the confines of my brothers bedroom but their new single This Moment out on the 1st of November has really caught my ears. In the same vein as Crystal FightersThis Moment, is a funky jam that I really wish was being released at the beginning of summer and not the beginning of winter. Real catchy piece of great synth pop!


Soraya Brouwer

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