You Better Go & Build A Rocket

“I hate music, especially when it’s played.” Jimmy Durante once famously said, the joker. Everybody loves music and anyone claiming to hate music, is a trickster. I know another case like this: anyone claiming that Palms Out Sounds isn’t their thing, is a cheat as well. There is no such thing as taste in this case, Palms Out puts out good release after good release and this is gospel truth. Let’s agree to agree. Staten Island based producer and DJ Udachi‘s first release Swagger is released on the label today (On a sidenote, his name means “Good luck to all” in Russian, which is a comradely gesture!) — the vocals on the release are provided by iBeat, a fellow commoner of, in his own words, “Sucker Free City”.

Accompanied by a nice mixture of kuduro and weighty bass iBeat asks you who’s got the swagger. The answer is; he’s got the swagger. Umachi got the swagger. In my humble opinion Trouble & Bass delegates Deathface and AC Slater have quite some swagger as well for doing some trademark remixes. As co-blogger Sin told me earlier: “Those Deathface and Baobinga remixes are really dope. If releases could be a person and Palms Out was a guy, I’d marry him.”. Lucky for her, and for you, there’s some free treats that come with this release. An instrumental which you can directly download from here, a promotional mixtape which we will put up for you and you can download someone’s future husband, the Baobinga remix, too – elected as best remix of the release by the likes of Dubbel Dutch, Marcus Price and Blaze Tripp. Find the tracklisting for the Swagger Promotional Mixtape under the cut, and enjoy these fine tunes. Seriously, I love music, especially when it’s played. One love to Palms Out!



Udachi & Mike Cash – Circadian Riddim [Unsigned]
Dre Skull & Juiceboxxx – Hype-a-pella [Vicious Pop]
Toddla T ft Wayne Marshall – Sky Surfing (Douster remix) [Ninja Tune]
Kry Wolf – Stand Up (Vocal Mix) [Forthcoming Party Like Us Records]
Lorenzo Vektor – Turn it Up (Canblaster Remix) [Silverback Records]
Savage Skulls ft Timbuktu – Bumps [Dubsided]
Udachi ft iBeat – Swagger [Palms Out]
Bart B More & Harvard Bass – Listen to This [Sound Pellegrino]
Congorock ft Mr. Lexx – Babylon [Fools Gold]
Nadastrom – Save Us (John Roman Nigerian Dub) [Discobelle]
Zombies for Money – Sururumba (Caribe Mix) [Trouble and Bass]
Jamal & Commodore 069 – Favela Bounce [Hot N Heavy Recordings]
Kastle – Better off Alone (Udachi Remix) [Seclusiasis]
Tony Rocky Horror – Champion Sound [Hot N Heavy Recordings]
Doug Surreal – Riverman Skank [Badman Press]
Udachi & Jubilee – Smoke! -a-pella [Nightshifters]
FC Kahuna – Hayling (ILS Remix) [SKiNT]
Udachi ft iBeat – Swagger (Baobinga Remix) [Palms Out]
Flinch – Midnight Hustle (AC & Dell VIP) [Party Like Us Records]
Udachi ft iBeat – Swagger (Deathface Remix) [Palms Out]

Soraya Brouwer

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