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Ooooh, so it’s Thursday and I’m prepping tracks to play tomorrow night. I’m part of a collective in Dublin that plays loungey disco housey type stuff, and we love our 80s synth-pop and hacienda-era tunes. And just tonight Jon Averill, one of my favourite DJs, nay, people, and purveyor of the Shock World Service brand, threw online his edit of Bobby Orlando’s Pump It Up, what I gather is largely a forgotten 80s gem. It actually sounds quite a bit like one of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s more famous tunes, both its general mood and certain elements of the songs structure and style. Jon’s version fleshes out the original, drawing out its ominous intro, and remasters it to fit better with the bigger and bolder songs of today. The first thing I thought listening to this is how similar its syncopated piano stabs are to those of Nacho Lovers’ Acid Life, so it’s pretty clear that, even if it’s the first time I’ve heard the track, its influence is not so easily ignored. Jon also curates the Shock Podcast, a great series of mixes and soundscapes, many put together by himself, but many are put together by people like Padded cell, Joakim, Rory Phillips and many others. Check ’em out on iTunes or Soundcloud.

[wpaudio url=”http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3914226/Bobby%20Orlando%20-%20Pump%20It%20Up%20%28Jon%20Averill%20Shock%20Edit%29.mp3″ text=”Bobby Orlando – Pump It Up (Jon Averill Shock Edit)”]

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