Brey Claptrap

Future vision: If at all Electro Love should flop, the likes of Ryan Leslie, RedOne and Danja run out on Cassie and the girl is left productionless in her endeavours, I would highly recommend her to turn to the club scene for talent that knows how to put her lovely voice to good use. One can barely keep up with the number of phenomenal Cassie edits, remixes and samples that have been thrown our way anymore and today there’s another gem that needs to be shared here. UK-based producer Brey has blended Cassie’s Kiss Me with the great summer release Claptrap by Joe from his paired EP with Level Crossing on Hessle Audio. Joe’s original track is a beat-filled audio assault that explores rhythm in every sense of the word with its heights almost sounding like a softened machine-gun surrounded by cushions in a club. Although the track stands strong by itself, its voids inbetween every drum, clap and bell on there seem to be perfectly filled and complemented by Cassie’s sweet and sultry vocal conversation with Ryan Leslie in a way that the original seems unfortunately dull in comparison. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the slow jam original but this edit just has a certain ring to it that takes the sensuality up a notch by completing it with undeniable catchiness. While you’re jamming, make sure you save the name Brey onto the harddisk that is your brain as his talent and ear for memorable beats are sure to catch on quick. Yo Ryan, if you’re still down about that lost laptop of yours, listen to this for some distraction and great vibes.

[wpaudio url=”″ dl=”0″ text=”Cassie vs.  Joe – Kiss Me On The Claptrap (Brey Edit)”] (stream)

[wpaudio url=”″ dl=”0″ text=”Brey – Inna Di Darnce”] (stream)

Sindhuja Shyam