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I actually found this dood a while back, I was and am a big fan, and played his material a lot when I was DJing – but that was before I was writing with the Truants team and so now I’m pretty excited to share him with you! I’m talking about London-based Matthew Nicholas Waites, operating under the moniker of MoscoW. Under the name of Nightmoves, Matt has remixed artists including Klaxons, Late Of The Pier, Shit Disco, Friendly Fires, Punks Jump Up, Metronomy, and Infadels. Taking into account the recent releases from ‘MoscoW’ and the fact that he’s not released anything since November of last year under the name of ‘Nightmoves’ (also the fact that his Myspace page for Nightmoves no longer exists), one could assume that he’s sticking with MoscoW and no longer working as Nightmoves – though I don’t know this for sure.

As MoscoW, Waites has released a couple of productions that I really dig. The first is his original piece, ‘Throw Up’, released on Endless Flight Records along with a remix from Brontosaurus, in January of this year. It’s an (almost) 10 minute long nu-disco odyssey of playful synth arpeggios and pads ranging from dainty and ambient to pretty dominant and almost acidic; with a great funk bass line, and some spacey piano chords. Also the percussion adds a lot of groove to the track, and the hi-hats sound great. I love a good a hi-hat.

MoscoW – THROW UP [320 kbps]

The second production that I absolutely adore, is his remix of Shy Child’s ‘Disconnected’ released in February on Wall Of Sound. Though I gotta say I really enjoy the original too. See my favourite aspect of the tune is the vocal part which really holds the whole thing together, and the reason I love MoscoW’s remix so much is because he leaves the vocal part pretty much intact and focuses on reinforcing it with some slightly heavier drum sounds, a bunch of nicely layered synth audio-doodles and a much more present and bassy bass line. So while I do enjoy the original a heck of a lot, I’ve always played-out the remix because it just feels a little more suited for the dance floor and, uh, ‘DJ-friendly’ I guess. Though it’s always down to personal preference, hey? So here’s both. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the music! ?



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