Five Mixes Are Better Than One: Part II

In the last ‘Five Mixes Are Better Than One’ post, I said I only had three gig left of memory on my iPod. I now only have two miserable gigs left. I’m dreading the day in which I have to decide what goes on and what doesn’t. The thought of remembering a song whilst you’re out from the house and searching through your iPod only to find it isn’t on there frightens me to the bone. However less memory means I have more music to share, so its a win/lose situation on both parts. Here are some mixes that have been keeping me going through the past week:


I haven’t heard from A1 Bassline in a while! Since his Bad Man Horror EP released last year on Southern Fried Records the man seems to have gone all quiet on the production front. However a large absence isn’t without its reasons, and it seems the man’s been busy working on a new EP titled ‘Breathless’ which should be out in the next few days. He recently did a mix for Ministry of Sound which has a host of a new tracks from a series of different producers and also a couple of tracks of a still in the works secret EP, which sees A1 Bassline collaborating with¬†Foamo, Tek-One and Kavsrave. Very


The people over at Handsome Clothing have just started a new mixtape series titled ‘Rhapsodic’ and they’ve got Texas based producer Dubbel Dutch to do Volume 1. With two excellent EPs out on Palms Out Sound and a US tour in the process he has all the qualities of a star in the making. A real old school rave sound in this mix.


Egyptrixx. Probably THE man of the moment in my opinion. After his release on Night Slugs I can honestly see him doing no wrong. Its hard to pigeonhole his sound and thats exactly what keeps me coming back to his tracks and mixes. With a remix of Brodinski‘s new track ‘Arnold Classics’ out soon, this is a producer who has definitely caught my attention for the better, and I hope he carries on doing so. Here’s his new mix he did for the XLR8R series.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”RITON DJ MIX APRIL 2010″]

I never thought Riton would be one of the best DJs I’ve ever seen but the London based producer sure gave it a runs worth of the money when he delivered an outstanding set at Annie Mac Presents last year. Only a couple of DJs have since matched the standards of that immaculate set. His new stuff with DJ Mehdi under the alias Carte Blanche is also sounding like it could well be on its way for being some of the summer’s most biggest tracks. Pop on this mix and check them out. I promise an evening well spent.


With summer just right round the corner, there’s nothing I like more than engulfing myself in a large mass of hip hop, whilst sitting on a beach with a crate of beer and trying to chat up foreign exchange students. Park Ranger delivers a set full of old school classics and summery goodness. Guaranteed to be a staple mix for the summer, and for that I award this my favourite mix this week.

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