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As barometers finally started to rise after a record breaking winter, my overall mood skyrocketed this week. The joy of not being cold when you step out of the house without scarfs and jackets on and rays of sunlight in your face when you wake up on Saturday (yes, I cannot be bothered to close my curtains when I’m drunk) was something I have really missed over the past few months. This recent euphoria also has to do with the track I’ve had on repeat for the past five days, which is the Savage Skulls & Tony Senghore Remix of Rocket Scientist, an amazing song by Teddybears and Eve. Wait – That’s a lot of names and a very confusing combination at first! We’re talking about Eve, also known as E.V.E. indeed. The rapper who hasn’t crossed my mind in ages and makes me all nostalgic. I must’ve been eleven when she released Let Me Blow Your Mind together with Gwen Stefani and I think my latest memory of her is Gangsta Lovin’, the track she did with Alicia Keys in 2002.

When I first heard this track I had no clue it was her and I was pretty shocked when I found out – all I could think at first was was, “wow! who has this amazing voice and who wrote these amazing lyrics?”. Big up for her and her amazingly random comeback for sure! Second question mark here are the Swedish Teddybears, who made the original version of the song, which they play live here. Having started off in 1991 as a Grindcore band I think it speaks for itself this band has had quite a history, known for genre-travels and mix-ups. I personally find the original version rather boring (apart from the lyrics, and if they are the ones responsible mad respect!).

The redo by their fellow Swedes Tony Senghore and Savage Skulls is much more my cup of tea and this is actually what I wanted to talk to you about! The wobbly groove and the whole intro are pretty promising and when Eve’s vocals drop, it climaxes so perfectly. Don’t take no astrophysicist to make your ass throw fitsĀ for sure! This is already one of my soundtracks to early summer (together with Surkin’s Silver Island of course), and I’ll place my bets it will be yours in a second, too!

[wpaudio url=”http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6077641/Rokit%20Scientist%20%28Savage%20Skulls%20%26%20Ton.mp3″ text=”Teddybears – Rocket Scientist ft. Eve (Savage Skulls & Tony Senghore Remix)” dl=”0″]

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