You’re Freaking Out Again

Our Parisian comrades Milkrun (listen to the mix they recently made for us here) recently remixed Harry Benson (a little 411 on his last EP here, the Bensonator will mix you a Truancy volume during the Summer too!) which a hundred early birds can grab on Discobelle. In the words of Teki Latex this remix has, “Nice techno scat vibes!” and the words of the Brode are the following: “Ce remix defonce! Je trouve ca hyper frais j’ai hate d’ecouter la suite! Run Milkrun!”. Google translate told me it means something along the lines of: “This remix is the sex! I hate to listen to it so run, Milkrun!”. The track is also supported by Camel, Myd, Darabi and Guillaume Berg which is pretty neat. But jokes aside, I want them to have YOUR support, too.

We have a little treat for you, RE: this remix. It is undeniable a big tune but it’s just not exactly suited for mixing, unless you’re up for a two hours fight with your buddy Serato. And it still might end up in blood, sweat and tears! That’s why Milkrun made an extended mix of it, one that’s more suited for the dancefloor but still has the cosy and finicking vibes of the original remix. I can’t comprehend how much I like this track and if you haven’t heard this yet hopefully this extended version will win you over in a heartbeat. Welcome y’all to camp Milkrun/Harry Benson. We promise you good times and joviality, and another track that will accompany you this summer! Enough words, let us listen to the music! ?


Soraya Brouwer

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