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At first I was pretty skeptical about this release. Everyman and his dog are having a shot at this House music nowadays and when I saw this release with the title ‘The Disco EP’, I assumed it would be more of the same old. Then I asked myself if I could justify my skepticism, aaand I really couldn’t. I was enjoying some twitter banter the other day with an e-friend of mine and we were talking about how a lot of old Garage House music just originated with DJs in the States  wanting to focus on the sections of records that they enjoyed most – namely just looping the instrumentals or breakdowns; better for dancing.

So why was I so quick to judge this release? I guess House music has become a hell of a lot more commercial than it used to be, even just in the late 90s. Pop music has moved on from a heavily R&B influenced sound – your Justin Timberlakes or your Rihannas (please excuse my ignorance, I don’t know all that much about modern pop music) – to a much more club-oriented House/Techno sound like what Lady GaGa or the Black Eyed Sellouts have been releasing. But I don’t think that’s enough to justify a change of opinion – House music is still produced by and large, by DJs and hopeful producers operating out of their bedrooms, with a real passion for what they’re doing.

Sure I could criticize the production values, or doubt the legitimacy of this label I’ve never heard of, and these 4 no-name (or yet-to-make-names-for-themselves) producers. But nah, this is some proper House music – sample an old disco tune, slap on some drum samples and let the dance floor decide. Plus Panther Hands’ tune is funky as hell ?

Beatport: petFood – The Disco EP

Soraya Brouwer

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4 thoughts on “Sorry to Interrupt”

  1. hey guys, my name is Jay.. I run the label.. Just wanted to say thank you for the words, any write up for us is good as we need to build as much awareness in our label as possible

    In our defense, we’re not as bootleg as you think.. We’ve had releases that include remixes done by house music legend Oscar G (of Murk) as well as underground techno legend Stryke.. We also have upcoming releases from the very HOT Edu K, who coincidentally just came off his Oz tour..

    As far as this release, 3 of the artists may be ‘no names’ but that is only because they are young.. We pride ourselves in finding and developing talent such as these producers.. Lazaro Casanova, who also runs the label, is far from a no name.. In his past he has been on a couple of tours w/ MSTRKRFT when they were at the peak of their fame and has been asked to remix Oscar G, Lee Burridge, Juan Maclean, and other high profile acts..

    So just wanted to clear that up as I think its fair for people to see who we truly are.. I know you had good intentions (and I think you actually like the release), but some of the text in the article may come off as negative on our work.. Maybe next time write more about the actual music instead of writing about why you shouldn’t like it..

    p.s. Feel free to send us your email address so we can send you our upcoming promos..

  2. Hey Shmoe chill! I’m pretty sure he addressed his ‘ignorance’ and was simply trying to say that he didn’t know much about the artists or label but that he liked it! In regards to petFood, it seems to be shaping up to be a fantastic label! I have been following Lazaro’s work for quite awhile now and he’s deff not a ‘no-name!’ Excited to hear our boy Edu K is doing a release too! Keep us at TRUANTS well informed jay-you!

  3. Hey Jay!

    Yeh I was trying to get across that I felt like a bit of an idiot for being so judgey without knowing anything about your label or your artists – because I’m now seriously enjoying the release!

    Send promos on to the Truants team and we’ll be sure to listen to them.


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