Affiliates Program – Syncopated

Out of all the stuff I found yesterday whilst looking through new releases, a track by someone I’ve never heard of before has to be the one I played the most. To be honest I know practically nothing on this artist/artists and google pretty much gives me nothing as well. Even the label’s site doesn’t have anything on this mysterious Affiliates Program although I’m starting to think this may be a collab bewtween the label artists or with some fellow friends, but thats just one big assumption. If any readers can lead me onto some information I’d be entirely grateful! Looking through the back catalog, the Detroit label Exchange Bureau, seemed to have started off releasing tracks with a more funk ridden sound but the label itselfs seems to have progressed a lot into Hip-Hop and RnB, with its latest release being almost on the brink of experimental hip hop. Throw in some lush sounding synth pads, a great bassline and a catchy accompanying vocal and you’ve got a track that I’d say wouldn’t be out of place on say Planet Mu and  Warp. This is definitely my favourite find of the year. If you like what you hear, be sure to support here.



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