Fuji Kureta – Hommage

I don’t really know any Turkish music, except maybe Tarkan and that creepy song about Facebook, so it’s pretty cool to learn that there are (young) Turks out there making nice glitchy downtempo electronica. Fuji Kureta, comprised of vocalist Deniz Öztürk and composer Sahin Kureta, formed two years ago in Istanbul.I found them by way of Bad Panda, that free-download netlabel releasing a new Creative Commons licensed song every Monday (yes I am kind of obliged to say that). Hommage is a pretty trippy antidote to all the maximalist sound I’ve been indulging in lately, from Interpol’s sonic assault in Dublin last night to Kanye’s album, which I finally listened to today (FWIW yeah it’s pretty amazing, you might say it’s a fucking monster…) Anyway back to these guys. Gentle lilting lyrics, Boards of Canada-esque bleeps (think a higher-pitched Turquoise Hexagon Sun) and crisp, echoing snares. On top of this, their debut EP Sweets is being given away FO FREE right now by Gergaz Netlabel. And they’re even supporting this dude called Owen Pallett next week. Not bad.

[wpaudio url=”https://truantsblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Fuji-Kureta-Hommage1.mp3″ text=”FUJI KURETA – HOMMAGE”] [192kbps]

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  1. I would like to sat that not we don’t oblige to say we release a new CC licensed song every monday.
    never say no to panda! :)

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