Welcome to the new Truants!

We’re very excited to welcome you to the new Truants website. We opted for a design that highlights our archives and contributors, and we hope you have as much fun going through our archives as we did. Over the last six years, our writers have published over a thousand articles and counting, including 139 Truancy Volumes, a big number of interviews, Functions of the Now, and countless of exclusive mixes, record reviews and track premiers. The consistent output of our writers have far exceeded our expectations – we’ve come a long way since our humble Blogspot beginnings and are most grateful for the support we’ve received since. The website is still in beta and we will update it over the next couple of weeks. If you have any ideas for the site, or find any bugs, please send an e-mail to Soraya (soraya @ truantsblog.com) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Join our crew

If you’d like to get involved with Truants, we’re looking for new writers, illustrators and graphic designers to join our site this Spring. Our team is is a tight-knit family, driven by a shared interest in music. Truants’ mission statement is to showcase positivity in music writing and, in an ever-increasing divisive journalistic climate, seeks to make both music journalism and music accessible and inclusive. Please note that Truants is, and will remain, a non-profit website and therefore all positions are unpaid. Most of the money in Truants comes from our own pockets and we don’t run ads, but we offer writing guidance and help our contributors expand their network and get paid writing positions. Furthermore, we will compensate in jokes about techno dads and Drake, and guestlist to nights in your city and festivals wherever we can help. If you’re interested, please send an e-mail to Jess (jess @ truantsblog.com) before April 30 with a minimum of two examples of your previous writing or other work and a little personal introduction about your background and music interests and she will get back to you shortly.

Love Truants? Throw money at us.

It has to be said – running Truants costs money for hosting and secondary services. As we want to keep our content sincere and keep pushing the site forwards, we’ve covered these costs ourselves in the past with a little bit of help by our readers, instead of reaching out to sponsors. As Truants is growing, so are our costs and this is where we’re hoping you’d like to pitch in. Please consider donating a one-time or monthly (€3, €5, €10) contribution towards our monthly costs if you like us.

We’d like to give a special thanks to Taylor and Djordje for helping us out with the new site.

Here’s to a 2016 full of Truants,
– Soraya, Jess, Riccardo & Sindhuja

Soraya Brouwer

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