Premiere: Know V.A – Echoes

Having contributed the second instalment of the Digital Dubplate series on DJ Shadow’s Liquid Amber label in 2015, the Know V.A guys now return with a follow-up to their previously released Lowriders Recordings release from the year before. Since that first O Horizon EP they’ve been slowly making their mark in the city of Amsterdam; hosting events under the name Hoax, being invited to play the Warp and LuckyMe parties at ADE, and playing at our very own Truants x Subbacultcha party back in 2014. Describing their sound themselves as being influenced by the Los Angeles beat scene and the ever-changing UK sound, their newest release, Clusters, is a determined push at their own musical boundaries and a step up in maturity in their sound. Specially designed to be seen as one track divided by three track names, the three productions originate from a sample/synth pack made specifically for this EP. It’s an interesting approach to sound design that gives each of the three different tracks its own distinct elements while still retaining an overarching theme. We’re able to premiere a track called ‘Echoes’ today, which acts as an echo of the track ‘Caves’; stripping down the track to an almost ‘devil-mix’ state. Out early next month, it’s a strong follow-up for the two producers.

Know VA – Clusters EP is out on the 4th April on Lowriders Recordings


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