Temporary Trax: Sudanim – My Place

Temporary Trax #3 arrives by way of “My Place” by Sudanim and it once more confirms both the diversity and quality to be found in the Her Records discography. Keeping with previous editions of the feature, it also showcases the many different influences that inform the music they produce today. So far we’ve learned of Miss Modular’s love for Prince and CYPHR’s desire to work with more vocalists, but what you find here is potentially more surprising than before. You’ll no doubt recognise Sudanim for club-based EPs such as “The Link” and “Pleasure Flood” but “My Place” marks somewhat of a departure from the tough material he’s put out prior. That’s not to say that there aren’t any similarities. Sudanim’s killer sense of utilising size and space in his productions is not only evident but amplified, as is his ability to manipulate the sounds used in to the likes of which you’ve never heard before. All in all, “My Place” is dark, abstract and beautiful in equal measures and we’re delighted to have it as part of this series. We had what turned out to be quite a lengthly chat with Suda about all manner of things, from the track itself to what makes him tick as a producer. Read the condensed version below and also find out how he had a big part to play in the Temporary Trax concept.

“I made this when we (Her Records crew) were all studio sitting for Kito while she was on tour. It was sick to make tracks with the others and bounce ideas around. Miss Modular and CYPHR both came out with some mental material in that month. I make a lot of stuff in this vein but never have a place for them so I’m particularly excited to put this out, if only for two weeks! It’s a reflection of what I’m listening to when I’m by myself, people like Ekkehard Ehlers. Some of his tracks alone have really changed what i’ve been doing these past 6 months. This one’s an interpretation of “Everything In Its Right Place” by Radiohead and the mood that it gives me when I listen to it. It’s one of the few tracks that I can listen to therapeutically. Doesn’t matter how many times I hear it the chords will always work magic for me. The time signature’s crazy too and I tried to interpret that in some way. I also wanted to mention the Temporary Trax concept a little bit. I’m stunned by and applaud the fact that Truants don’t have any ads, sponsors or anything. The whole site and brand is so strong. Tobias Shine was also the first journalist to feature us properly with the Functions of the Now mix so I thought that one thing we could do as a label is to give you fun reasons for people to donate.”


Temporary Trax: Ever since the inception of Truants, we have been proudly dedicated to providing you with the best content while remaining free of advertising and other external influences. We’ve managed to do this through a certain level of self-funding, as well as through donations from our wonderful readers. It goes without saying that this means an awful lot to us and we’ve been hard at work to offer you something a little more tangible in return. Temporary Trax is a new feature in which we offer you the chance to download something completely exclusive in exchange for a donation. 100% of your donation goes towards our running costs. Each track will stay live for two weeks and once we roll it out you can no longer get the previous offering. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. We’re delighted to be working with graphic designer Taylor Trostle to deliver you an exclusively designed piece of artwork with every new instalment. Mixing engineer Jeremy Cox also continues the impeccable work he does with Her Records and others on “My Place”.

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Matt Coombs