Recommended: Avalon Emerson – Let Me Love & Steal EP

On October 12, we were presented with yet another sublime record from a young producer whose relatively meek recognition seems to not yet be totally commensurate with her solid product. The discerning Truants reader has been introduced to Avalon Emerson, the San Francisco transplant now living in Berlin, already through Truancy Volume 89, and her new EP “Let Me Love & Steal” for the imprint she was tapped to inaugurate earlier this year, Spring Theory, is yet another reason to tune in if you haven’t been already.

Historically, for however short her career as a producer and DJ has been, Emerson has had a way with drums, whether that means subtly alternating second and fourth beats or seamlessly weaving in syncopated tribals like on the previous “Church of SoMa” cut. While this EP is another testament to this, it’s also a continuation of her affinity for and deftness of vocal sampling. The record’s namesake flaunts an unintelligible pair of vocal snippets, looped and bounced off each other to a head-spinning effect if not ad nauseam, that are just as flustering as the pummeling kicks employed underneath.“Let Me Love & Steal” is Emerson at her deepest, thematically and sonically, and it falls in line with her own statement that this album is more suitable to be heard through a pair of headphones compared to her previous efforts. The Triple Scorpio mix of the title track is one which truly enthralls, first luring in with perfectly swung drums and a whirl of soft sounds, eventually switching up to play out a contorting rehash of the original’s melody. Honestly, it wouldn’t be an Avalon Emerson record without the b-side disparately complementing the front: the producer takes a chance to inflect her techno foundations with a lurching beat and a long, warbling line on “Honest Gangster”.

Buy ‘Let Me Love & Steal’ on Bandcamp.

Michael Scala