Temporary Trax: CYPHR – Metanoia

The second in the Temporary Trax series comes in the form of “Metanoia” by CYPHR and it couldn’t be much further from the bright funk of the first. Most recently, the Her Records mainstay has drawn heavy doses of critical acclaim for his 6 track EP “Ekleipsis”. Much like that EP, “Metanoia” is a showcase of the many different influences which make him one of the most unique producers in this field. It starts off with a ton of ill at ease space and sparse industrial percussion before building into some dark R’n’B with marching band rolling snares and ghostly vocal pads. We got the inside track on how “Metanoia” was made, the reason for it sounding so haunting and also on a potential direction for CYPHR’s future output.

“I made this a few days ago in the space of an afternoon, pretty much. The only tracks I end up sharing are the ones I make in a really short space of time because I don’t have time to overthink them. It’s true that most of the tracks on the EP took a while, but “Ekleipsis” (the track) was the quickest to produce and is probably my favourite because of it. I will always spend a while filling in subtleties, I just think it’s important to ground a track in one session. Otherwise, it’s tough to come back to. The starting point totally depends on my mood and the track. It’s different every time. Sometimes I’ll have a beat or a melody in my head and I’ll work around that but other times I’ll just search through my sound bank until I find something cool. With this one the clocks had just gone back and Halloween was incoming. I found a load of scary clangs, hits and worked from there. I think the voice melody was where it all came together. I also start a lot of my tracks, this one included, with a singer or rapper in mind. I’m always trying them with acapellas, seeing what works and what doesn’t. Listening to guys like BC Kingdom, I can’t get enough of their vocals. Tinashe has a couple of amazing tracks too, like the Evian Christ interlude “Indigo Child”. Tracks like that where the producer’s work and the singer just fit together so comfortably. It’s a desirable relationship. Without a doubt I’d like to do more work with singers in the future.”


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Matt Coombs