Download: Music For Your Plants – Paramilitary (Arkitect Remix)

We’ve got a bit of a special treat for you here today, Arkitect’s massive remix of “Paramilitary” from Music For Your PlantsHumanity EP. Music For Your Plants are a new lifestyle option for lifted souls, we have spoken about them before. Arkitect is one of the brains behind Private Selection, a label that launched last year with a hot compilation featuring Vin Sol, Dreams and Jean Nippon. Arkitect’s contribution was a slick funk deconstruction, reminiscent of Girl Unit circa Club Rez. But while the Private Selection compilation aligned itself with a more rugged 4/4 framework, this track is pure FOTN magic, rearranging MFYP’s deep forest anthem into a shattered grime banger. The track oscillates between serene glades and dense, tense square wave hell but manages to maintain the ethereal vibe that makes the original so affective. It’s worth checking out pretty much everything that everyone involved in this track has done, and we greatly look forward to what they have in store for us in the future. That artwork tho!

Download: Music For Your Plants – Paramilitary (Arkitect Remix) by TRUANTS

Tobias Shine