Recommended: Music For Your Plants – Expedition Chant Cup EP

Music For Your PlantsExpedition Chant Cup hones in on that real sweet spot between library and club music, just where we like it. It’s a vivid journey through digital detritus handled with a welcoming lightness of heart. In this respect, MFYP belong to a group of artists who are at once satirical, confusing, ambiguous, hyperreal yet deeply, deeply primal and visceral. Think of your Ferraros and your OPNs, though we should also shout smaller artists like Al Tariq and Karmelloz – those bringing the unreal uncomfortably, grotesquely close to the human. If R Plus Seven’s unnerving simulacrum b2b pure emotion got you as excited as it did us, Music For Your Plants should hit the spot. Within MFYP lies a concentration of all the world’s muzaks into an intensely evocative soup – picture yourself in Zaha Hadid’s yacht, sipping on a Monster Margherita and docking on to the Hydropolis for a night’s rest. We would definitely be sodcasting this EP.

“Expedition Chant Cup” opens proceedings in bliss mode, sun-glare burning through those heavy eyelids as a cloud of washed out guitar caresses the brain. “القذافي الأمازون الحرس” is a lo-slung houser fitted with a wonky, ersatz horn line and angelic MIDI wash, an anthem from 2k78 Ibiza. Priam also nicely flipped this track into a chunky 808 workout. “Tomb Raider (Club Mix)” is on that Amazonian funk tip, twisting and turning with euphoria, but there’s a melancholia in the windpipes hiding in the background which indicate that, perhaps, all is not well in cyberspace. They also have a sick aesthetic (check out the video above) which exists, together with the music, in that tense space between digital and natural. When people talk about a desert island top 10 they don’t think about their surroundings enough. The Beatles are great but are they really going to soundtrack a few weeks raving in the sand like this EP? We don’t think so. This EP is at the top of our desert island selection.

Music For Your Plants have an EP forthcoming on Zoology Records soon, stay tuned!

Tobias Shine