Recommended: Domo Genesis & Alchemist – No Idols

Twenty-twelve has been a bit of a low-key year for Odd Future. They seemed inescapable last year and while we saw some big releases this year (“Channel ORANGE” and the “Odd Future Tape Vol. 2“), the majority of the camp has been relatively quiet. Enter Domo Genesis’ collaboration with the Alchemist: “No Idols” is a an eleven track, no frills rap album on which everyone from Domo to the features brings their A game. No shooting in the gym, this is semi-finals rap music. Which brings us to one of the first highlights of the album, “Fuck Everybody Else.” The motivational cut, wherein Domo Genesis goes directly for your throat.

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Domo keeps this energy going for arguably the most popular track on the album; the Earl Sweatshirt, Action Bronson and Vince Staples assisted “Elimination Chamber.” A monumental track that starts with an appropriate classic WWF (WWE now for the young guns). No chorus, just verse after verse. You can almost imagine each artist tagging out at the rope, with Action Bronson coming in last for the three count and taking the win. Bronson has been killing twenty-twelve with unexpected but not unwelcome features all over the map. The track, along with “Power Ballad” and “Me & My Bitch” (both immediately follow “Elimination Chamber”) make up an extremely strong midpoint. “Power Ballad” being the albums smooth champion music track that features a guitar sample that screams eighties (no doubt that’s where the track title came from) and “Me & My Bitch” a personification rap song in a long line of personification rap songs. But this one works, partly because it’s not as serious as most of these tracks tend to go which matches the whimsical, fairy tale inspired beat (try not to think of Sleeping Beauty taking hits before singing to those birds on her stroll, we dare you).

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Finishing off the album is the title track with a guest spot from a very hungry sounding Tyler, The Creator and an appropriately mad sounding beat with a change up around halfway through as Tyler and Domo take turns going back and forth (a bit of a call back to “Super Market“). It makes us wish Tyler would do some more venturing on non-synth and keys oriented production as he sounds great here. Domo’s been having a great year, between his scene stealing verse on “Rella” and now “No Idols”. The album is incredibly solid and we expect only more good things from Domo going forward.

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Stream: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Domo Genesis & Alchemist – No Idols ft. Tyler, the Creator” dl=”0″]

Download Domo Genesis & Alchemist – No Idols via Live Mixtapes.

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