Three On One: R.I.P Production, Shut Up And Dance & Sovereign

For the first contribution to our One On One series since returning from our hiatus, we decided to go that little bit extra and select three tracks on a UK garage and house tip spanning the years 1996 to 2001. Ranging from heavy hitting basslines to provocative RnB two steppers and slinky house, these are a couple of selections we recommend scouting out on Discogs as soon as possible. Clued in crowd or not, these are certified movers and groovers. “From a creativity and fulfilment perspective, there is no better release than that of producing music and djing. Even if it’s not your main career, music and technology are so closely linked that literally anyone can have a go, have fun, and express themselves.”  A quote from DJ Omar of R.I.P Production and Double 99 fame that can mean as much to a person first touching a music program to a fifteen years going veteran with numerous records under their belt. It’s this fun loving outlook on music that made him along with his R.I.P partner Tim Deluxe one of the many influential backbones of the UK Garage and House scene in the nineties. The track we’ve chosen is from their Club Trax Vol. 1 record which was released in 1996 on Ice Cream Records. Aptly titled ‘On Cloud 9’ the track works the ‘I know you care’ vocal sample in a truly elevating and masterful way.

Stream: R.I.P. Productions – On Cloud 9 (Ice Cream Records)

The second track we’ve chosen is by another UK duo consisting of Carlton Hyman and Philip Johnson, otherwise known as their stage name Shut Up and Dance. Gaining prominence in the early 90’s with hit singles such as ‘£10 To Get In’, ‘Derek Went Mad’ and the follow up ‘£20 To Get In’, the pair turned their backs on all the labels that initially turned them all down and ran with it. After setting up Shut Up and Dance Records in 1989 as an outlet for their own music, the duo’s creativity and innovation saw no boundaries. Experimenting with the likes of breakbeat, hardcore, garage, house and reggae, their fusion of sounds has heralded them as one of the key players in the emergence of ‘jungle’. The track we’ve chosen is a single titled ‘Moving Up’ which was released in 2001 on their own label. With UK garage heavily controlling the charts at this point in time the garage influence is clearly heard and the duo mix big brass baselines with catchy old school bridges. The record comes with a vocal and dub mix for those undecided on the vocals.

Stream: Shut Up And Dance – Moving Up (Vocal Mix) (Shut Up And Dance Records)

The last track we’ve chosen today is a remix by UK producer Sovereign of Florida born RnB artist J-Shin. Best known for his 1999 hit single ‘One Night Stand’, it’s this track in particular that Sovereign took on to remix. Keeping the vocals of J-Shin and female vocalist LaTocha Scott intact, Sovereign adds a simple but effective 2-step rhythm and some floor seducing low end action. Whilst hardly the most creative and groundbreaking remix in contrast to the original, it’s polished finish makes it a little accomplished garage gem. Those who are feeling the vibes can source out the cheeky white label which is backed with a dub version.

Stream: J-Shin – One Night Stand (Sovereign Remix) (Slip-N-Slide Records)


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