Download: Free Rizzla EP On Fade To Mind

Although the LA-based label/collective Fade To Mind was launched less than a year ago, it’s quickly become one of the definitive sources of next-level dance music from fresh, innovative producers around the United States. With official releases from NGUZUNGUZU, MikeQ, and Gremino and a roster that includes Kingdom, Total Freedom and Cedaa among others, the label has clearly adopted a melting pot mentality towards the American club music landscape. Yesterday, the label offered up a free four-track EP from Somerville, Massachusetts producer Rizzla, marking the second release in its “Official Bootleg” series. Rizzla first caught our attention last year with his stripped down reworking of Mister Tweeks’ “Money,” and the four tracks on this new, untitled release showcase his dexterity as a producer of cross-genre, club ready bangers.

Stream: Rizzla – Dick (Fade To Mind)

Unsurprisingly, “Badmind Ha” is a faithful ballroom/vogue track that indulges in all of the genre’s trademarks: sparse kick drum, anvil-like snare on the 1, ample use of the Masters At Work vocal sample: it’s all there. On “Church” Rizzla takes a hard left turn and winds up in mutant grime/funky territory that’s been filtered through a kuduro lens, with a final product that wouldn’t sound out of place in Enchufada’s time-tested “Hard Ass Sessions” series. Switching things up once again, “Dick” is indebted primarily to ghettotech , although breakbeat, jungle, and juke all seem to be rolled into the mix in a unique and satisfying way. Bringing the EP to a dazzling finish is “Psychoton,” which fuses the previous tracks’ influences together in a shape-shifting production that demands repeat listens to pick up on all the details and nuanced variations. This one gets our top pick due to Rizzla’s effortless melding of so many distinct styles, but the entire release is so high quality that we’d still recommend it even if it weren’t a freebie!

Download: Rizzla’s Official Bootleg EP (via Fade to Mind)

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