Review: XXXY – Everything EP

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XXXY’s first release since Kerpow comes via Well Rounded, a proven source for swung dance-floor killers. We saw him experiment a bit with two electro-tinged releases on Orca Recordings (“You Gotta Do You“) and All City Records last year, this time he’s seen returning to the time tested four-by-four formula.  The 3-track “Everything” EP walks the same line as “Ordinary Things”: catchy R&B vocal cuts mixed with a pinch of that Bristol bass sound.

Everything” gets straight to the point, within a minute the track is in the main hook.  As the title suggests, the word “everything” is a major part of the track; it’s chanted over pitching 808s for the majority of the track along with buzzing pads.  Just after the breakdown he decides to treat us to some piano work as well as fattening up the bass, creating a Julio Bashmore effect.  Following the same pattern as “Everything,” “I Know This Can’t Be Love” uses the vocal sample “I know this can’t be love” throughout the track albeit much more subdued then the first track.  For most of the 5 minutes a Juno synth is slowly modulated as a rough sub pops in and out, it’s definitely a slow burner and quite the treat. Finally there’s “I Can’t Stop”, which has a bit of a garage feel to it; although the intro is a little deceptive since that feeling is lost as the track progresses. The scattered snare hits help give it some groove and you almost forget it has a four-by-four kick. Relying mostly on sharp arpeggiating synths, which occasionally dip out for an opening pad, it definitely has a live and energetic presence.

The “Everything” EP sits well alongside the rest of the Well Rounded releases and will surely make its way onto a few dancefloors this summer. Watch the video for “I Know This Can’t Be Love” below. 

XXXY’s Everything EP is available on Well Rounded April 15th.

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