Tyler the Creator Remixes Lykke Li

Between releasing another one of his mindblowingly mindfuck videos, the announcement of his second album release on XL Recordings, omitting the comma from his alias, reaching ridiculous statistics on iTunes and YouTube and more of that exciting jazz, Tyler the Creator has a lot going on for him right now. Yonkers is getting well-deserved recognition and the Odd Future gang seem to have some solid stuff headed their way. So I suppose it’s only natural that the following Tyler remix of Lykke Li’s I Follow Rivers kinda got lost in between all that buzz last week, but for the love of all that is swag please don’t sleep on this.

Lykke Li’s second single off her next much-anticipated LP Wounded Rhymes was a hauntingly beatiful track to begin with, and there were even some decent remix attempts that followed. None of them achieved what this remix manages though. The hazy, reverie-like synths that bring those early 00s Neptunes influences to surface (and could make Chad Hugo proud) are supported by a hypnotic deep beat pattern that swivels you straight to another parallel universe. Even Tyler’s  aggressively energetic verse that kicks in halfway  somehow works out symbiotically perfect here, despite its absolute opposition to Lykke’s overly sweet heartfelt love declarations. If Tyler’s take on I Follow Rivers is the original’s twisted and tormented alter ego, you can sign me up for the dark side as soon as possible, thanks!

Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (Tyler the Creator Mix) (320 kbps)

PS, tune into/post-YouTube Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this Wednesday where OFWGKTA will be performing backed by The Roots! Promising.

Sindhuja Shyam

5 thoughts on “Tyler the Creator Remixes Lykke Li”

    1. Aww really? :( I was skeptic seeing the title at first cuz I like em both too so I was being harsh, but I love this remix.

  1. I was honestly expecting it to be a bit faster but I admit I ‘m not familiar with the original track.

    1. This collaboration is quite good, yet unsettling in a way. I have to get used to the combination of Lykke Li and Tyler I guess, but it works. Golf wang, #swag. What’s Lykke doing nowadays?

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