Ill Blu – Meltdown EP

With Ill Blu’s debut release on Hyperdub being one of the most anticipated releases on their label last year it’s no wonder their follow up has garnered a rightfully earned amount of hype. With remixes for Cheryl Cole, Shystie, Hot Chip, Roll Deep, production work for Princess Nyah and being one of the forefathers of bringing UK Funky to the masses it’s a bit of mystery why these guys aren’t bigger than they should be and why they remain so elusive with their tracks. Blu Magic still remains one of my favourite tracks of last year so why it remained unsigned apart from appearing on mix CD’s is beyond me. It’s looks as if they’re putting all this behind them as a 3 track EP on Numbers released yesterday should be hopefully a start for many more to come. Please let it be guys.

The EP opens with ‘Meltdown’ a welcome foray into mixing tribal sounding drums with that Ill Blu bass we’ve grown to love. The combination is sublime piece of UK music that should even get Boiler Room people dancing like they’ve never danced before. The second track ‘Overdose’ which for those who have had trouble putting their finger on where they’ve heard it before, it is essentially a beefed up version of their unreleased track ‘Blu Magic’ although building upon it tremendously, reworking the original synth line and injecting it with that bit more of bass. You can veer have enough bass. You could say that this is the result of Blu magic overdosing. See what I did there. Sorry (never again). Stream Overdose below and buy the whole release here.

Stream: [wpaudio url =”″ text=”ILL BLU – OVERDOSE” dl=”0″]


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