Canblaster is the Master of Complication

Before I get into this – does anyone else think that Canblaster looks like Paul Dano? Seriously though. Dude has been on some futuristic ’ish for some time now. He’s just put out the Master of Complication EP on Nightshifters, and if you ever imagined what would happen if he took all the different ideas he melded together in his remix of Style of Eye and Slagsmålsklubben’s Homeless, well look no further. Four original tracks and a bunch of remixes in case you’re worried the crowd can’t cope with this nutso-rave (I think the only time it’s appropriate to invent new genres is when you’re talking about someone as unclassifiable as Canblaster), there really is something for everyone, as long as you like rattling tempos and softened arcade-game synths.

The whole EP is driven by time, so it’s no surprise that the title track, which we can kindly give you for nothing, is propelled by the tick of a clock and the upward whirl of marimbas and syncopated rave chords, ending each phrase with the sound of your morning alarm – quite what response this will garner on the dancefloor is a mystery to me – I can’t wait to try it out. Triple Ring meanwhile takes things up a notch tempo-wise, taking a tiny lyric from Tamia’s Tell Me Who (nah, me either) and slicing it into an emotional bass anthem. Lost In The Shell goes back to the second-hand percussion, going to the harder side of US ghetto music for aggressive threats and boastful braggadocio, tempered by another female vocal sample, this one alas unidentifiable, to my ears at any rate.

Rounding things off we have something quite peculiar – the press release pitches Timemaster’s Chronicles at 180bpm, but by my reckoning it’s a 90bpm slow jam that takes off for the stratosphere as it flirts with the idea of double time before finally getting into bed with it, the heavy breathing that peppers the track mirroring the breathlessness that listening to these tracks elicits.

On the remix tip we have Para One and Teki Latex (the latter bringing Joycean non sequiturs to the club as only he can – “sleep for a hundred years and wake up a minute later”), Nightshifters leading lady Jubilee, Youngun(z) Bambounou and new NS signing Magnum, who takes that emotional bass anthem I talked about earlier and jacks it up so you’re forced to dance through those tears.

In short, this is essential. You can get it at iTunes, Juno or Beatport

DOWNLOAD: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”CANBLASTER – CLOCKWORKS”] (320kbps)
Stream: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Canblaster – Clockworks (Para One & Teki Latex Remix)” dl=”0″]
Stream: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Canblaster – Triple Ring (Magnum Remix)” dl=”0″]

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  1. I will never be able to watch Little Miss Sunshine again without thinking OMG CANBLASTERS IN THIS.

    1. Yeah now I will always see Canblaster as some crazy Jesus freak, re: There Will Be Blood. Not really though, although I see it haha. The Magnum remix is great, will def cop the rest later.

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