Introducing: Supreme Cuts Are Troublemakers

R&B in some form or another continues to hold sway over our conscious here at TRUANTS, we really can’t get enough. Originals, bootlegs, edits, remixes, samples, it’s all fair game to us. So when the heard the first few bars of Chicago based Supreme Cuts we were mightily impressed. To be fair, there isn’t a great deal of information out there on this outfit unfortunately, but if their music is their bio JEEEEZE, it’s superb. First up is “Issues”, a lush synth filled track that has you dreaming of sunnier climes. As the track continues tension is built up and released in a great fashion, each time leaving you somewhere better, popping with vibrancy throughout while regulated by the amazing kick and snap. Tropical. “Amnesia” continues on the same vibe but more on a tribal tip with the use of lovely rough percussion and a vocal sample twisted into a ceremonial like sounding horn. The variation within the track is a delight too, really impressive in fact, tension is once again dealt with expertly as you are lifted from the wild and untamed pace to tranquil lulls and back again without the whiplash. For the modern day rain dance. Incredibly inspirational music and with the debut EP “Trouble” on the way and LP in the pipeline we get more hyphy by the day waiting for more news.

Issues by Supreme Cuts

Amnesia by Supreme Cuts


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