Download: Salem Try to Win Our Hearts Again

Remember Salem? Last year’s blog heroes? It seems if you don’t put out an album or have a Tumblr with lots of crazy ish or appear on Fallon then you’re not going to hold anyone’s attention. They’re still around though, and have got involved in this whole Record Store Day business. They’ve decided to remix, of all people, Interpol. Yeah, I know. To celebrate the joy of the the 12″ the band has enlisted an unlikely band of men and women to make what they will of Try It On, from last year’s Interpol (is it just me or is it a bit weird for a band to go self-titled on their fourth album?). So Salem, Ikonika and Banjo Or Freakout have been given the task of reworking a fairly standard Interpol track, albeit one with more piano and less brooding atmosphere than their best work. Salem rub their distorted nightmarish stamp all over the remix, taking the fairly generic lyrics and chopping them up to almost unrecognisable levels. Alas they didn’t leave in the shocking (in context) “there’s no fucking way”. Perforating bars with Ratatat-esque snarls and letting the percussion run away with itself, it’s all you ever wanted from a remix of Interpol, and what you’ve come to expect from Salem. Dark, throbbing, twisted. I can’t wait to hear Ikonika’s take. Meanwhile, our fam Discobelle have literally just posted the video for Salem’s remix of Charli XCX. Go show ’em some love.

Download: Interpol – Try It On (Salem Remix) (320 kbps)

Aidan Hanratty

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