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It’s not often we are left speechless by an artist, but we were when it came to listening to Melbourne based producer Lucid who is becoming steadily becoming one of Australia’s biggest talents and was recently featuring on Aussie music site LOOSE JOINTS‘s Get Low series. When listening to his output the only comparisons that come to mind are that on a Canblaster tip and some of the Trouble & Bass fam, yet his earth shattering bass music is very much his own and leaves a great impression on anyone who hears it and we at TRUANTS can’t get enough and with a brilliant remix on the forthcoming release on Pelican Fly the stage is set for him take over wherever, when ever he wants.

His two recent bootlegs just leave the mind blown. 1st up is the his take on Jamie Foxx‘s “Can I Take You Home” which adds a whole lot of bounce, but keeps it slow, sleazy and a 100% better than its source, it’s “made for the ladies” as he put it. But its the bootleg of Janet Jackson‘s “Someone To Call My Lover” where the most transformation takes place, no longer that innocent sounding pop track it once was, the sublime vocals are stripped away and placed on a laser ridden bomb of bass. Keep your eyes on this boy trus, he be #SWAG

Jamie Foxx- Can I Take You Home Lucid Bootleg by lucid

Janet Jackson- Someone To Call My lover Lucid Bootleg by lucid


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