Truancy Anthems: Richelle – Mascotte

This is the start of a new feature here at TRUANTS that will go under the name “Truancy Anthems” that we see as our favourite jams that come from all genres and constantly come back day after day, week after week, month… you get the picture. Our first entry is one of the most recent tracks to become a Truancy Anthem that has had us going since its release in March. Richelle – Mascotte !

Pelican Fly is a new label from Brussels, Belgium. With 1 release to date, the buzz revolving around this label is growing by the day. The release in question happens to be one of the most exciting records we’ve come across in recent times. The perpetrator of this fine release happens to be one label founders ; Richelle. “Mascotte EP” is a straight out flamboyant statement of intent, laying the very strong foundation for following releases. One hell of a manifesto to have.

The title track “Mascotte” is pure alchemy of contemporary club music, as it blends and takes influence from all corners. The swagger of southern rap is taken and intricately entwined with energy and sound aesthetic of juke music. Yet all the while there is an overwhelming nod to the current garage and funky scenes that have emanated from the UK underground in recent years. The result? A monster of originality. This energy continues onto the next track “Bendin’” but with a real distinct difference but the overwhelming feel of the ep is furthered. A self confessed love note to dancehall burners and the minimal bass bangers of current club fancy. Pelican Fly called on Dj Hilti, Mister Tweeks, Jay Weed and regular truancy conspirators LOL Boys to do the damage with their remixes. They all excel yet our gaze falls on the LOL Boys as they craft a brilliant 9 minute late night techno remix epic of “Bendin’” which strips down the original to the essential organs which leaves it eerily dark and utterly fantastic.

Richelle – Mascotte (Original Mix) by pelicanfly

Richelle – Bendin’ (Original Mix) by pelicanfly

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