Download: Serani – No Games (Brackles Remix)

Another cheeky cut from the world of dancehall remixes, Brackles‘ Serani edit gets a 320 release ahead of the Rinse Boxing Day party. With the same appreciation for an excellent vocal as MA1’s brilliant Suges bootleg, Brackles speeds up Serani’s romantic yearnings and lets them bounce over a persuasively cheeky bassline and some hectic drum programming. The Rinse DJ has made a name for himself as a producer who keeps things slow and smooth, but anyone that can listen to this track without feeling the urge to shake a leg should be putting such willpower to good use, like fixing the economy or something. Hold tight for those insinuating synths towards the end of the track and be prepared to hear this one at every NYE party worth its soundsystem. All together now, love you girl do you feel the same… Grab the free download over at The Quietus.

Serani – No Games (Brackles Remix) by Brackles

Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura

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