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Most people are familiar with Schoolboy Q from his absolutely ridiculous verse on A$AP Rocky’s “Brand New Guy” but like most (if not all) of the TDE/Black Hippy crew, Q has been around for a minute and definitely falls into the hugely underrated category. Instead of getting into his album from earlier this year, “Setbacks”, which you should have already grabbed after hearing “Brand New Guy”, this is more about the great tracks and verses he’s laid down in the past year.

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“Ibetigotsumweed” is the underdog drug rap track from “Setbacks” some might mention, but “Druggy’s Wit Hoes” is such an incredible track – there’s a reason why they shot a video for it. From the infectious “Yeaa!” that is all over the beat, to the great Spanish half-rant he goes into before the first verse is over: Q was on a higher level of based knowledge here that we are lucky to get even the smallest of glimpses of.

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“Cycle” is a more serious track dealing with personal subject matter. Q talks about gunplay (not the rapper) and other hood trappings but seldom is it without common rap glorification. “I know niggas that kill niggas, that kill niggas, that kill niggas…the cycle continues” the chorus goes as Q paints the picture of a young kid trying to survive in hostile and often parental guidance free world.

ScHoolboy Q – My Hatin’ Joint [Prod. By Mike Will Made It] by Mixedbyali

Shifting gears again is the most recent leak from his upcoming album, “Habits & Contradictions”: “My Hating Joint” is a smooth for the ladies track but like any good sag pants lady rap tracks, it’s strictly about fucking and letting everyone know Q does it better than the lame they’re currently seeing. “Got some herb, got some Henney/ got my penis too/ Have you ignoring his calls when you fuck with Q.” Often a rapper’s ability to just follow a beat can be underestimated but it’s often what separates an okay rapper from a great one. Snoop’s longevity has more to do with how he flows with a beat far more than it has to do with what he’s actually saying. Schoolboy Q has entertaining ad-libs in spades and one of the better flows for upcoming rappers, particularly in the new West. Habits and Contradictions (#HnC) is coming soon…

ScHoolboy Q – There He Go [Prod. By Sounwave] by Mixedbyali

ScHoolboy Q – Oxy Music [Prod. By THC] by Mixedbyali

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