You’re Turning Heads Tonight

If there’s one producer that will undoubtedly get you moving, it has to be Brenmar. When Brooklyn based William Salas isn’t touring or writing with These Are Powers, he keeps himself busy creating the freshest club beats that are hard to keep from constant replay. He has some kind of Midas touch when it comes to blending together smooth R&B vocals with proper beats to get the ultimate club feel to his sound. Solid gold tracks like his remix of baby girl Aaliyah’s Are You That Somebody and his seamless edit of Kelis’ Milkshake and Dubbel Dutch’s Deep Underground are sure to stay ringing in your ears in the best possible way. Plus his 24k mix was a perfect setting for our summers, especially his own crazy good collabo with LA’s NGUZUNGUZU.

Next on his schedule an debut EP due for a late October release on Discobelle, which is bound for big things as it will feature three original tracks as well as an exciting remix package featuring Ikonika, Optimum and DJ Rashad. We have one delicious track to share called Back Beating which will get you warmed up for the full EP. Keep a close watch out for Brenmar, because we’re pretty sure he’s set to dominate the dancefloors for a while.


(Through Mixpak Records)

Sindhuja Shyam